Monday, March 1st is the first day of all students reporting to school in person. I look forward to seeing you all EVERY DAY. Please note the following important change about lunch and snack:

    Students will no longer eat lunch in school. Instead, we will be taking a 15 minute break in the IMC which has been set up for a safe, socially distanced snack. The school district will be providing a “grab-and-go lunch” to students at the end of the day. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PROVIDE YOUR CHILD WITH A HEALTHY SNACK EACH DAY. Thank you! 

    Homework is now posted daily at the end of each day as an assignment in our Google Classroom. Students can check here for a full list of all assignments that they are responsible for completing.



    Please click on the link below for information regarding free and reduced lunch.

    Free and Reduced Lunch Information


     The link to our class schedule for synchronous learning is below. All students (both home and in the building) follow the same schedule.

    Click Here for our Daily Class Schedule

    Please read the following from Mrs. McKiernan regarding lunch for students:

    This announcement was just made by the USDA this week:

    • IMPORTANT:  Pursuant to new USDA Guidelines, Effective August 31, 2020,  ALL Jackson School District students are now eligible for FREE breakfast and lunch through December 31, 2020.  If you wish not to participate, please instruct your child(ren) not to take the meals.  This includes in-school meals as well as remote meals.
    • What does that mean for you? 
      • If you want your child to bring in their own meal to eat during their scheduled lunch you may do so.  If you would like your child to choose the hot/cold lunch option they simply have to ask for it during homeroom.  These orders will be filled by the food services staff and bagged/container lunches will be distributed to students during their lunch period.  They do not have to swipe into their account because they are free of charge.
      • ALL students will also have the option of taking home a FREE BAG OF REMOTE BREAKFAST/LUNCH MEALS.  At the end of the day, several areas will have tables set up for students as they exit the building.  The tables will have bags that contain the following day’s breakfast and lunch as well as the breakfast for their next day in school (We ask that they eat this breakfast before coming to school the next day.)  Again, these meals are FREE of charge for ALL students so they do not have to swipe their card.  If they would like, a student may take only one bag as they are escorted during dismissal by a staff member.  If they do not want this bagged series of meals, they will simply exit the building as normal without stopping by the tables.

    Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns you may have. My email address is: 




    The best gift that you and I can give your child is the support that they need to MEMORIZE their multiplication facts. Memorization of facts frees up all of their working memory so that they can concentrate on the bigger task - solving the real problem before them. 



    Some important upcoming dates/events: