Thank you for attending your parent-teacher conference last week. I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and discussing your child's progress. I look forward to our continued partnership.

    This week is a shortened week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    As we discussed at conferences, in order to be successful in this topic and the following math topics, it is essential that students memorize their multiplication factsPlease spend 5 minutes per night reviewing multiplication facts with flash cards.  There are links to multiplication websites on the bottom of our class page.  There is also a link on our class page to printable multiplication flashcards.  I ask that each student carry a set of multiplication flashcards in their backpack, so that they can use them in class, as well as at home.  (flashcards should go up to the “12 facts”)  The dollar store or Target/Wal-Mart are great places to get flashcards.  If students are unable to obtain a set of flashcards on their own, I will provide a set of index cards so that they can make their own set.

    Here's what's happening this week:

    Reading: This week we will move into our nonfiction unit. Our nonfiction research will focus on extreme weather. During this unit, students will be reading nonfiction text of their choice. Our work will focus on: summarizing with main idea and supporting details; analyzing parts of a text in relation to the whole; analyzing author's craft; and synthesis. 

    Writing: Last week we began our new writing unit: opinion writing. Students will work to organize and craft an essay to convince the reader of their opinion. 

    Math: We continue Topic 4 - Multiplication. I expect that our test on this topic will be Tuesday or Wednesday of the week that we returbn from Thanksgiving break. 



    Some important upcoming events:





    Our class is scheduled for last lunch, which is 1:00.  I believe that the class would benefit from a mid-morning snack to help the students maintain their focus during lessons.  Since we will be working through snack, I ask that you limit the snack to one healthy food item per day.  (some examples: one piece of fruit, carrot sticks, pretzels, crackers) NO PEANUTS OR PEANUT PRODUCTS OF ANY TYPE DUE TO PEANUT ALLERGIES IN THE ROOM. Thank you for your cooperation!


    I ask that you check our class page and class calendar on a regular basis.  I will update it weekly with information about our class and other important school announcements.