Welcome to fourth grade and Room 17!  I am excited to meet you, and I look forward to starting this new school year with you and your child.  I have been at Switlik getting our classroom ready, and I am excited to start the new school year. I hope that you feel the same way when you return on Thursday, September 9th. 

    I always have a few butterflies the night before school starts, and I bet you do too. This year will be no different. Rest assured that we will be taking things slowly in our first few days together. Our focus will be on getting to know each other and all of the new routines that come with the new school year. 

    Once school begins, my main general classroom communication is the REMIND text system, email (for both students and parents), and Google Classroom. I will continue to update this class page frequently with any new information that I need to share until I have those other forms of communication set up with your personal contact information.

    It is important that you bring your charged laptop to school with you on the first day of school and every other day! Our Google Classroom will be the hub for your learning, and we will be setting it up on our very first day together. 

    I will see you at Switlik on Thursday, September 9th. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!


    An important note about school supplies:

    Since our desk storage space is limited, I ask that students refrain from bringing in large binders or multiple notebooks, folders, and supplies.  I will be providing each student with a three ring binder which will also be used to organize classwork and homework for all subjects.  If students prefer, they can bring in their own binders, however, they should keep the size of the binder and limited desk space in mind.  (a one inch binder is a perfect fit) 

    There will be NO SHARING of any writing utensils, so one small pencil case or box will be very helpful to store your writing supplies. 

    I will also provide pencils, crayons, and marble notebooks for students. If you prefer to buy your own marble composition notebooks, you will need three. I know that I have my favorite pens and pencils. If you have special pencils, colored pencils, or crayons that you would like to bring in, that is fine. Please make sure they are labeled with your name. 

    Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns you may have. My email address is: 




    The best gift that you and I can give your child is the support that they need to MEMORIZE their multiplication facts. Memorization of facts frees up all of their working memory so that they can concentrate on the bigger task - solving the real problem before them. 


    Some important upcoming dates/events:

    Thurs. 09/09 - First day of school for students

    Thurs. 09/16 - NO SCHOOL

    Tues. 10/05 - Back to School Night for 4th Grade - I look forward to meeting you!