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    Upcoming Events

     American Education Week Visit 

    Please join us for a fun lesson on Friday, November 22 9:30-!0am.  Please do not bring siblings to this event.

    Please remember to sign up for conferences on the Parent Portal.

    Thanskgiving Breakfast

    Tues. Nov 26 9:30am


    Winter Festival

    Thurs. Dec 19th time TBD

    More details will available shortly for these dates as well as our Gingerbead and Reindeer Days.


    Work of the Week


    This week we be learning the letters l, h and k. The words in and or. 

    Please continue to review these at home as well.  

    Letters learned: p, j, e, r, s,d, a, g, c, o, i, u, m,n,t, b and f

    Words learned: an, at, and, you, he, it, me, we, is, see, go, my, a, am, the, I, can, to and like.

    Color words learned: pink, gray, black, white, orange, brown, blue, purple, green, red and yellow

     Thank you to all of the parents who have signed up for REMIND messages!

    I will be using REMIND to help keep you informed about important news and updates.  Remind is a free service that allows you to get messages directly on your phone.

    To sign up, text my class code @mazzellak to the phone number 81010 

    Please feel free to email me at dmazzella@jacksonsd.org  anytime throughout the year with any questions or concerns that you may have.

    Please note:  Please remember to bring a photo ID when planning to visit the school/classroom.


    You do not need to purchase supplies for the classroom for your child.

    The only thing he/she will need is a backpack large enough for a folder and a lunchbox or lunch money.  If you choose to send in money, please make sure it is in an envelope with your child's name on it and the amount enclosed.  

    Please label all of your child's items with his or her name on them. I will supply students with everything else they will need for school.  It is strongly suggested that you have crayons, scissors and glue for your child to use at home for assigments.  

      Our class page is an important tool for both students and parents throughout the year. Please make sure you check it weekly to see what is being covered in class, as well as, any special classroom announcements or activities.


     Dismissal Changes

    Parents please be advised, any changes to your child's schedule needs to be sent in writing the day of that change. Please do not send multiple days on one note, unless it is a monthly schedule. 

    If your child has a schedule that changes on a weekly basis, please send a note at the beginning of the month. Please list all bus dismissal changes in numerical order(Please do not just identify the day of the week.)

    For example:  (Child's Name)'s Schedule for the month of September

    To go on the Bus                    Report to Childcare

    9/6, 9/7                                    9/8           

    Remember, if your child has a change in dismissal, make sure that you write a note in the morning.  Please do not send an email mid-day, as I may not see it before dismissal. 


    Please  remember to send in lunch and or lunch money each day.  We will be eating in the lunchroom everyday and your children will have the option to purchase a lunch or a milk if needed.  Lunch is only 30 minutes, so please keep that in mind when packing your child's lunch.  We do not have the means to heat up any items.  All food items should be ready to eat. It would be beneficial for you to have your child start to practice opening and closing their own containers. 

    If your child will be buying lunch, they will receive a card to swipe. This will help speed up the process when paying for their lunch. It is still important to have your child memorize their student ID number. They will need to use it throughout their educational career while they are a student in our District. Their student ID number will be listed on the portal. 

    If you choose to send in lunch money, please make sure it is in an envelope in their homework folder, with your child's name on it and the amount enclosed.  If your child is allowed to purchase snack in school please send me a note saying they are allowed to buy snack or ice cream.  

    We will be having a small class snack in the afternoon. Your child may bring in a water bottle (label with your child's name please) daily. Please limit this to water only...no juice, soda, iced tea, gatorade.  If you would like to send in a snack donation, please send in something for us to share as a class.  Any snack donation is appreciated... we have 20 students.  Some suggestions - a box of animal crackers, fruit snacks, cookies, goldfish, large bag of pretzels.



    We will have recess everyday (weather permitting) outside on the playground. As per school rules, all children must wear sneakers to climb on the equipment.  Thank you for helping us keep the children safe outside! 


       We will continue to use the Envision Math series this year. Please remember to read the directions on the bottom of the homework assignments.  This week we will complete Unit 4. After lesson 6, please try to have your child complete the online assessment in preparation for our Unit assessment.

    To acess the Envision math textbook please go to

    Pearson Envision 2.0

    To log in please see the attached instructions letter.

    Here is a link to some fun math games.

    Envision Math Games

    Image result for wilson handwriting alphabet 
    We will begin our year introducing the alphabet using the Fundations Phonics Program.  During the 1st two weeks, we will introduce 3 letters.  Starting the 3rd week, we will focus on 2 letters a week, review each letter, sound and discriminate between the uppercase and lowercase letter.    
    How Can You Help At Home:
     Practice the letters and their sounds daily.

    During review at home, see if your child can think of 3-5 words that begin with that letter.  

    Have him/her look for things around your house that begin with the letters you are practicing.

    Identify the beginning letter of family members or family friends names.

    Have your child help with shopping and helping to write the shopping list.

    Use the Parent Information page that we send home each week.  Included with the Parent Information page, will be the letter pages.  Please use these pages to review with your child at home.  They can trace the letter with their finger, starting at the top and going down. As they finish tracing the letter, they can practice saying the letter name, the keyword picture and then the sound.  For example, Tt, top, /t/.   They can then color the picture.

    Bucket Filling Initiative

    Switlik Elementary School is commmitted to creating a caring and respectful environment. We are using the world acclaimed book by Carol McCloud, Have You Filled a Bucket Today- A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids in order to create a safer, kinder, more respectful school culture. Each month a student will be chosen from every class to be the Bucket filler of the month.  They will get their picture taken and posted on the school web page.
    Switlik PTN
    If you have not already done so, please consider joining the Switlik PTN. 
    Every dollar raised by the PTN, goes right back to your students! We can already thank them for our new Switlik folders, the classroom care packages (tissues, wipes, cleaning wipes, & sidewalk chalk) and our gift card for our memory book photos. 

    In keeping with last year, we will be having our school store on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the cafeteria during lunch.  Students will have the opportunity to shop once they have eaten.  Items are priced between $0.25 - $2.00

    The PTN is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Samantha Marley or PTN.switlik@gmail.com


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  • Important Dates to Remember:

    Nov 19-21 Parent Teacher Conferences – Shortened Days
    Nov 22 American Education Week Visit
    Nov 26 - Thanksgiving Breakfast
    Dec 13 - Reindeer Day limited volunteers

    I will be using the Remind App to send out reminders this year. To sign up for class reminders

    text @mazzellak to the number 81010

    You’ll receive a welcome text from Remind.
    If you would like to order from Scholastic Book Clubs our class code is NW3ZT.


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