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    Mrs. Mazzella's First Grade!   


    first grade

    Reminder Wednesday, April 14th is a full remote day.

    Please check our google classroom for more information.


    The success of advancing to this stage in our reopening process requires all of us to do our part. The safety of our students and staff must come first and we must ALL remain vigilant in our health and safety protocols.

    • Keep your children home if they are sick;
    • Keep your children home if anyone in your household has tested positive OR is experiencing COVID-compatible symptoms;
    • Keep your children home if anyone in your household is awaiting a test result for COVID;
    • Remember to truthfully fill out your Daily COVID Health Screening Form for your child each day.
    • Remember to contact your school nurse if anyone in your house has been exposed to COVID, has COVID-compatible symptoms, or is being tested. 



    • Students will be expected to attend every day, and to not flip between in-person instruction and synchronous instruction.
    • The only exception would be for in-person students who are ill or who should stay home due to quarantine. 
    • If a child is ill and able to participate, please notify your child’s teacher that your child will be learning synchronously from home, temporarily.

    Monday, March 1st begins our five day per week in-person learning!

    One important change is that students will no longer eat lunch in school. Instead, we will be taking a 15 minute break in the IMC(location) which has been set up for a safe, socially distanced snack.

    The school district will be providing a “grab-and-go lunch” to students at the end of the day.


    Thank you!


     Free & Reduced Lunch Reminder 

    Thank you to all of our parents for ensuring that your children are completing their work on their remote days and making sure they are logging into out Meets. Remember to have your child in a quiet room when they are in their Meet and have their remote work and supplies nearby.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at dmazzella@jacksonsd.org.

    We will be using Google Classroom again this year.  Be on the look out for emails regarding log-in information.

    Our class page is an important tool for both students and parents throughout the year. Please make sure you check it weekly to see what is being covered in class, as well as, any special classroom announcements or activities. 

    We will also be using Remind this year to sign up click below

    Mrs. Mazzella's First Grade Class Remind

    or text the code below to 81010

    Our class code is @b648a9b

    If you are experiencing problems with your accounts please fill out this form

    It is for parents that need to contact technology with any password/hardware issues with their District chromebooks/Google accounts.



    You do not need to purchase supplies for the classroom for your child.

    The only thing he/she will need is a backpack large enough for a folder, a water bottle and a lunchbox (if bringing lunch from home.)    The students are also encouraged to bring in a water bottle each day.  We will not have access to the water fountain! 

     Please label all of your child's items with his or her name on them. I will supply students with everything else they will need for school.  You should have picked up your child's chrome book and box of supplies for your child to use at home for assigments. You may use the folder the PTN supplied you with or one that your child picked out.  I highly suggest picking up an extra paper or a plastic folder now (while they are probably still on sale,) since the paper ones tear easily.

    It is also encouraged to have an extra mask or 2 incase the 1st one gets dirty.  Please be sure that the clean masks are in a labeled bag or container. Dirty masks will be put in their backpack in a seperate baggie so you know the difference.

    PLEASE be sure to charge your chromebook each night. Chromebooks should be brought to and from school each day. It may be a good idea to get a large ziploc bag to keep the Chromebook in while in your child's backpack.

    You can send in your own set of ear phones/ear buds to keep in school if you would like. Students will be using these while using the chromebooks during class time.

    If your child has their ID badge from last year please have them bring them to school each day!

    Wish List supplies:

    Baby wipes, 24 packs of Crayola crayons, index cards, post it notes, thin black dry erase markers. 

    The above are not required, but would be much appreciated, if you are looking to donate something to the classroom.


    Please  remember to send in lunch (bagged lunch is highly reccomended) and or lunch money.  You may add money to your child's lunch account through the portal. If you choose to send in a check, please make sure it is in an envelope with your child's name on it and the amount enclosed.  Lunch is only 30 minutes, so please keep that in mind when packing your child's lunch.  We do not have the means to heat up any items.  All food items should be ready to eat. It would be beneficial for you to have your child start to practice opening and closing their own containers. 

    If your child will be buying lunch, they will receive a card to swipe. This will help speed up the process when paying for their lunch. It is still important to have your child memorize their student ID number. They will need to use it throughout their educational career while they are a student in our District. Their student ID number will be listed on the portal.  

    This announcement was just made by the USDA this week:

    • IMPORTANT:  Pursuant to new USDA Guidelines, Effective August 31, 2020,  ALL Jackson School District students are now eligible for FREE breakfast and lunch through December 31, 2020.  If you wish not to participate, please instruct your child(ren) not to take the meals.  This includes in-school meals as well as remote meals.
    • What does that mean for you? 
      • If you want your child to bring in their own meal to eat during their scheduled lunch you may do so.  If you would like your child to choose the hot/cold lunch option they simply have to ask for it during homeroom.  These orders will be filled by the food services staff and bagged/container lunches will be distributed to students during their lunch period.  They do not have to swipe into their account because they are free of charge.
      • ALL students will also have the option of taking home a FREE BAG OF REMOTE BREAKFAST/LUNCH MEALS.  At the end of the day, several areas will have tables set up for students as they exit the building.  The tables will have bags that contain the following day’s breakfast and lunch as well as the breakfast for their next day in school (We ask that they eat this breakfast before coming to school the next day.)  Again, these meals are FREE of charge for ALL students so they do not have to swipe their card.  If they would like, a student may take only one bag as they are escorted during dismissal by a staff member.  If they do not want this bagged series of meals, they will simply exit the building as normal without stopping by the tables.
     Tables are set up at the following locations for students to grab a bag as they exit the building:
    • Exit door by the 4th grade wing to the playground
    • Outside the Main Entrance
    • Outside the exit by the fifth grade bathrooms
    • Outside the Gym- Vestibule 
    Please reach out if you have any questions.

       Dismissal Changes


    Parents please be advised, any changes to your child's schedule needs to be sent in writing the day of that change. Please do not send multiple days on one note, unless it is a monthly schedule. 

    If your child has a schedule that changes on a weekly basis, please send a note at the beginning of the month. Please list all bus dismissal changes in numerical order(Please do not just identify the day of the week.)

    For example:  (Child's Name)'s Schedule for the month of September

    To go on the Bus                    Report to Childcare

    9/6, 9/7                                    9/8           

    Remember, if your child has a change in dismissal, make sure that you write a note in the morning.  Please do not send an email mid-day, as I may not see it before dismissal. 


    If your child is absent from school/ or unable to attend a Google Meet, please send a note explaining why your child was not in school. Attendance is also mandated on virtual days.  We will be taking attendance at our Google Meets. 

    Virtual Instruction Days

    On days that your child is not in school they will be expected to log into Google Classroom for attendance and complete assignments.  We will also have Google Meets to check in and review work at the end of the day.  Please review some of our Google Meets Rules listed below.

    google meet rules

     Tech Tools

     The District Tech Tool Kit and Student/Parent Tutorials are available to help you with some common tech problems and document questions.


    We will begin working on Topic 11. Please continue to practice fast facts with your child!

    To access the Envision math textbook please see the attached instructions letter.

    Please practice fast facts with your child.

    Here is a link to some fun math games.

    Math Games

             Image result for wilson handwriting alphabet    
    Please make sure you your child can read all of our Fundations Trick Words.   
    How Can You Help At Home
    Practice sight words daily. 

    Have him/her look for things around your house that they can read.

    Have your child help with shopping and helping to write the shopping list.

      Allow your child to help you cook using a recipe.
    Please make sure your child can:

    • Recognize First and Last name in print 
    • Recognize names (names of people and places begin with uppercase letters)
    • Match spoken word to written word 
    • Segment sentences into words 
    We will be completing our review of the alphabet this week! Please remember to write your letters as carefully as you can! 
    Reader's Workshop Unit of Study  


    Readers Have Big Jobs To Do



     Writer's Workshop Unit of Study 
    We will begin Unit Three - Opinion books. 
    Free Learning Websites
    See the source image
    Please visit 
    our librarian, Ms. Palme's, Webpage
    for many fun free resources and activities.
    Switlik PTN
    If you have not already done so, please consider joining the Switlik PTN. 
    Every dollar raised by the PTN, goes right back to your students! We can already thank them for our new Switlik folders, the classroom care packages (tissues, wipes, cleaning wipes, & sidewalk chalk). We are especially grateful for all of their support this year in providing supplemental items for our at home learning boxes.

    The PTN is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Samantha Marley or PTN.switlik@gmail.com

    Dr Seuss Quote




    In Person Instruction
    Please note the first day of school is a Tuesday, so Group 1 will be remote.
    If your last name begins with A-K: You are assigned to 
    Group 1.
    Group 1 attends school in-person on Mondays, Wednesdays and alternating Fridays and works remotely the other days
    If your last name begins with L-Z: You are assigned to 
    Group 2.
    Group 2 attends school in-person on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternating Fridays and works remotely the other days.

    COVID Protocols

    • Parents must complete the "Daily Health Screening" before sending their child to school
    • Face coverings required
    • Let teacher know about any allergies to sanitizer
    • Students should bring ID cards to and from school daily
    • Lunch- recommend a bag lunch- Lunch may be purchased
    • Bring a water bottle from home
    • No outside treats will be allowed in school until further notice
    • No eating in the classroom
    • Chromebook's information


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     Remember to be Bucket Fillers, not Bucket Dippers!
    Bucket Filling Initiative
    Switlik Elementary School is working towards a more caring and respectful environment. We are using the world acclaimed book by Carol McCloud, Have You Filled a Bucket Today- A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids in order to create a safer, kinder, more respectful school culture.