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    Welcome Remote Learners!

     I'm so excited for the 2020-21 year! I look forward to using Google Meet, Google Classroom CHATS, and other interactive activities with all of my students! As always, this year will be challenging but very rewarding with all the things that we can overcome together!


    Mr. Autenrieth Computer Google Classroom Links

    (These are ONLY for Mr. Autenrieth’s classes)

     Week of November 23rd

    All Switlik Students & Jackson Remote Academy Learners!

    Please join your grade level Google Classroom for "Computer Class."

    We are currently on a "Remote Schedule" - Please check in with your homeroom teachers a well as my Google Classroom Page Posts for Updated Times!  


    Make Sure You Join Mr. Autenrieth's Computer Class if Your Homeroom Teacher Listed Below! 

    *Mr. Struthers Currently Teaching Mrs. Pearsall, Mrs. Bonino, Mrs. Mazella, Ms. Trotta/Vulpis

    (Please reach out to istruthers@jacksonsd.org for those classroom codes if needed!)

    Below is my regular 2019-20 "ROTATING" schedule based on the days that students are at home and "REMOTE."

    Grade 1 Computers Google Classroom Link

    Shroyer - Wednesday @ 2:30

    Grade 2 Computers Google Classroom Link

    Duffy - Friday @ 10:20

    Gerding - Friday @ 11:50

    Smith - Friday @ 12:20

    Wardell - Friday @ 12:50 

    Grade 3 Computers Google Classroom Link

    Ackerman - Wednesday/Thursday @ 9:50

    Brown - Wednesday/Thursday @ 10:20

    Gilmore - Wednesday/Thursday @ 11:50

    Slomin - Wednesday/Thursday @ 12:50 

    Perrine Remote Academy -Thursday @ 2:30

    Grade 4 Computers Google Classroom Link

    Keeney - Wednesday/Thursday @ 10:20

    Knigge - Wednesday/Thursday @ 11:50

    Donaldson - Wednesday/Thursday @ 12:20 

    Wood - Wednesday/Thursday @ 12:50

    Cipully Remote Academy - Tuesday @ 2:30

    Toddings Remote Academy - Wednesday @ 2:30

    Grade 5 Computers Google Classroom Link

    Casais - Monday/Tuesday @ 9:50

    Levine - Monday/Tuesday @ 10:20

    Padron - Monday/Tuesday @ 11:50

    Vlahos - Monday/Tuesday @ 12:50

    Avilia Remote Academy - Monday @ 2:30 


    Parent Technology Assistance Work Order Form

    (For any issues w/ passwords or district chromebook problems, please fill out and our Technology Team will investigate!)

     Tech Tool Kit - For Students and Parents

    Did You Know You Can Access Your Pearson Math Textbook Online?

    Follow These Steps Once You Sign Into Your Google Accounts!

    Pearson   Need a Break From Your Screens? Try Something New & Engaging WITHOUT Technology!


    Some Computer Lab Favorites


    Hundreds of Interactive Games! Typing, Art, STEM, and more!



    Games & Videos Based on Your Favorite PBS Shows & Characters!


    Hour of Code

    Our Biggest Computer Lab Success! Learn to Code w/ Dance Party, Flappy Bird, Star Wars, Minecraft, and tons more. You may even discover something new on the website - most programs are free and work well on any device!


    Chrome Music Lab

    Something new - this website allows for users of any age to practice, develop, and even record their own music. So many activities that are fun for all! Check this one out - and your family may want you to use headphones for this!


    Google Earth

    The ultimate virtual field trip. Discover new places and go on your own exploration. Start with your own hometown but branch out to see what's happening around the world! You really have no limits here - so have fun and explore!


    Physics Games

    The most challenging games you will play - all releated to concepts in physics. Test yourself and keep at it - don't get frustrated because they are difficult. Try and problem solve and use different strategies - I know you already do this with the video games you already play!


     Free Rice

    Challenge yourself to vocabulary facts as you help others!




    More Free Sites for Distance Learning

    (Some May Require a Sign Up - But Many of These are Worth Checking These Out)

    Wonderopolis: Every day this site shares a new wonder, submitted by kids, and the answer, in an article with a video.

    National Geographic Kids: Games, articles, and videos about animals and nature.

    Mystery Doug: Video science lessons and activities

    Typing Club: Use your time at home to learn keyboarding skills!

    Scholastic Learn at Home: Daily learning projects from Scholastic, geared for different grade levels

    Explore Animal Webcams: Observe animals live on webcams from around the world

    Virtual Museum Tours: Take a free virtual museum tour of a famous place, like the British Museum in London

    Hour of Code: Learn coding skills with an hour of code activity.

    Design Squad Global: Watch PBS Design Squad videos, to learn about science and engineering challenges

    Khan Academy: Free online video lessons in math and other subjects

    Crash Course Kids: Elementary school science videos

    Family Activity Ideas

    Indoor Activities for Kids Stuck at Home: Buzzfeed lists 27 fun activities for kids home from school

    70 Educational Activities: A former homeschooler shares 70 educational activities you can do when you're stuck indoors.

    Podcasts: Listen to a podcast together. Common Sense Media curated this list of best podcasts for kids.

    Cosmic Kids Yoga: Stay active as you practice yoga together.

    Distance Reading Book Bingo: Read together and complete this bingo board!


     Students are working together as "TEAM" to plan, create, and improve their new STEM projects, including Lego sets, Keva blocks, and interactive marble runs. More photos to come as we continue to solve our classroom challenges! I'm excited for students to begin working in centers where they circulate among different activities during our classroom instructional times!


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    My Personal Switlik Focus Goals
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    Cyberbullying Prevention
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    Google Projects
    STEAM in The Computer Lab
    Google Meet 
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