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    Bouncing into Spring!

    Wow - it's already April and I'm so excited to continue our learning for the remainder of the school year. First of all, I'm very pleased with all the effort and participation all students have made during various computer and STEM activities during the past few months. We've built towers, we've knocked down towers - we made floating lego boats, we've made robots, and we've even begun learning about simple machines. Additionally, our students continue to work on Google apps and keyboarding - every skill practiced is important and we'll continue to review everything throughout the year! I'm very pleased with the efforts that students have made, especially in the 3rd & 4th grades where recent Google Docs and Slide Show projects have been beyond my expectations!


    April/May Activities & Goals - students will continue working with their Google apps programs and understand how to utilize Google Classroom in a more interactive way. This month, students will also continue interacting with our Lego We Dos, which are programmeable robots that they design, build, and code. Additionally, our upper grades will be continuing their practice with various Google apps, including Sheets and Forms, which will be new technolgies for them to practice and learn. Something I'm really looking forward to during the last few months is incorporating a little video production within our school - and I'll certainly guide students along the way!


     Students are working together as "TEAM" to plan, create, and improve their new STEM projects, including Lego sets, Keva blocks, and interactive marble runs. More photos to come as we continue to solve our classroom challenges! I'm excited for students to begin working in centers where they circulate among different activities during our classroom instructional times!


    Check out some of our recent "builds"
    Switlik School News - 2nd Marking Period
      2nd trimester grades are available in Genesis, beginning in early April - feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! 
    Exciting News - Switlik 3rd - 5th Grades Using Google Accounts, Robots, & Educational STEM Sets (Legos, Keva Planks, Magnetics, etc).
    During this marking period, all Switlik students in the 2nd grades have logged into their Google Accounts to join my Google Classrooms, where they will find assignments and activities during each class lesson. Students will next become focused on Google Docs & Slides as well as the Typing Club program which helps to teach keyboarding skills. Additionally - students have begun using STEM classroom centers where they complete a different activity and rotate around the room as they work with our new STEM kits - including Dash robots/iPads, Lego sets, and even simple magnet pieces!
    Panther Pride  
    Thanks To All Who Attended & Participated In Some of Our Recent Switlik Events such as Read Across America Night, Boys Night (Nitro Ball was fun!) and of course - the annual March McDonalds Night as well as all our other school fundraisers! I look forward to seeing everyone at some more of our upcoming events for the 2018-19 school year!
    My Personal Switlik Focus Goals
    Computer Literacy
    Internet Safety
    Cyberbullying Prevention
    Google Accounts
    Google Projects
    STEAM in The Computer Lab

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