Welcome to First Grade! 
    My e-mail is tkahn@jacksonsd.org 


    In our continued effort to promote literacy and a love of reading, we have continued to partner with Bubbakoo’s for their "Read It to Eat It" program. 

    How it works:

    1. "Book List Cards" will be given to your child by his/her teacher.
    2.  Students read and record 5 books. These can be at home or school!
    3.  Return the filled in card to your child’s teacher.
    4. The classroom teacher will sign the bottom and staple the "Free Student Meal Card" onto the "Book List Card"  and give it back to your child.
    5. Students take BOTH cards to any Bubbakoo’s for a free student meal! 
    6. Ask your teacher for another card and keep on reading and eating Bubbakoos!

    This is an ongoing program. Ask your teacher for a new card when you finish your old one. Read, record, eat, & repeat!

    Enjoy your books and free Bubbakoo’s!


    Please join Remind for updates and messages!

    1. Send a text to 81010

    2. Text this message @mrskahn20


    School Supplies 

      Donations can be made anytime during the school year and would be greatly appreciated.

    small ziploc bags

    large ziploc bags


    wiggle eyes


    Clorox wipes

    baby wipes

    magic markers



    popsicle sticks




    Our Specials Schedule

    Monday - Gym

    Tuesday -  Art

    Wednesday - Music

    Thursday - Media

    Friday -STEM





    There will be Math Homework daily except Fridays.  Please read daily.



    Upcoming Tests



    Fundations - Unit 7, January 28th.








    Kindergarten Trick Words    


    Phonics Skill

    We are reviewing the letters and sounds of the alphabet as well as Kindergarten Trick Words.




     -  Math 



    We are working on Topic 7, Extending the Counting Sequence

      Addition and subtraction cards can be found at a Dollar Store.  Practicing and playing games with these would beneficial.



                                       We are learning about Sound and Light                                                                                                                                           

                                  Bucket Filling                        

    Please encourage your child to be a Bucket filler at home and at school! A bucket filler is kind, respectful, and caring!

    Birthday Party Policy

    Birthdays will be celebrated at lunchtime in the cafeteria.  To be sensitive to allergy concerns, non-edible items (e.g. toys, stickers, pencils) are strongly encouraged for these celebrations so that all children can participate in the celebration.
    If you choose to send in a snack, consider a healthy snack. Also please note that all items sent must be in individually wrapped, pre-packaged portions so that the child can easily distribute to classmates. Ice-cream cakes and whole cakes cannot be accommodated by the food service staff.  You can deliver your item and/or treat to the receptionist or send it with the birthday child.  Visitors are not permitted in the cafeteria.  Birthday and/or Party invitations are not handed out in school, under any circumstances.   However, parents are invited to join the class “party list” which will be distributed to parents that join the list.  






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