Shoot for the Stars


    Thank you for visiting our class page and being involved! 
    Invite your child to read our updates with you!  
    Continue to check this page weekly for the most up to date information about our class.
     Your help and support is needed to make this a successful journey for your child!  
    Together we are a team!







    Due to allergies, our room is egg free.  

    egg free


    Dear Parents,
    We are writing on behalf of the Switlik PTN to request a donation for our Pocketbook Bingo scheduled for March 15, 2019. We are expecting 200 people at this event. The event proceeds will help the PTN continue to offer class trips, assemblies and additional learning materials to our students.
    We would greatly appreciate any donation you can make. We are currently asking for donations to purchase some beautiful pocketbooks and accessories to be won at this event. Any amount collected will help ensure the success of this fundraiser. We would also love the support of any business you think may be interested in supporting our school with a monetary donation. Donations are tax deductible and we can provide you with a letter for tax purposes upon request.
    Please send your donation in an envelope labeled “PTN - Pocketbook Bingo” to school with your child and include your child's name and teacher's name on the envelope. We would like to collect all donations by Wednesday, November 21, 2018. You can also donate through our Switlik Swag Shop and Reservation Store with a credit card:
    If you are interested in helping to plan this event, we are looking to form a committee, so please send an email and let us know. 
    If you have any questions or need further information, please contact me at coleen.sgammato@gmail.com or Samantha Marley at samanthamptn@outlook.com. Thank you so much for your support!
    Coleen Sgammato and Samantha Marley



     School Store will be on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the cafeteria during lunch.  Students will have the opportunity to shop once they have eaten.  Items are priced between $0.25 - $2.00.

    For the month of November, school store will be November 15th.




    We are always collecting items for SCIENCE!

    Please send in paper towel tubes, empty and clean water bottles,

    small cardboard boxes(pasta,snack food boxes),craft stones/pebbles, zip lock baggies.

    Thank you for your donations!








    How is your reading STAMINA?


    Please remember to read from your Reading Bag each day!
    We are so very learning skills and strategies and good reading habits! 
    I am very proud of you!
    Reading Habits Good Habits



     sight words

    Remember to practice your words every day! 

    Writer's Workshop Unit of Study:


    When writing~remember our goals:
    *Begin each sentence with a capital
    *End each sentence with a:  .  ? or  !   
    *Finger spaces in between words
    *Check your work~Does it make sense?



    Practice those facts!

    Please practice addition and subtraction facts to 18 with your child. 
    A simple deck of addition and subtraction flash cards can be a huge help with this.
    They can be purchased at the dollar store. 
    It is very important that your child knows these facts in order to complete our timed fast facts tests.
    The math website is: Pearsonrealize.com
    Hit the button Pearson Easybridge plus and auto
    Find the school that says Jackson Township school district
    Click Go
    Student login is:  your child's student ID number
    Student password is: your child's first name with a capital letter and then 01 at the end of it.
    Please then follow all the steps on the screen to set up your child's account.



    Remember to check your child's Take Home Folder each day.

    Math homework will be marked with HW. Reading will also be a part of our daily homework, including an occasional reader's response.  Homework is an important  review and reinforcement of the day's work. Please provide a quiet space and encourage your child to do their best work.  Also, review and SIGN your child's homework.


     Aim for the Stars





    Remember to always pick "good- fit" books to read!  It is easy to do:


    I PICK


    1. I choose a book
    2. Purpose-  Why do I want to read it?
    3. Interest- Am I interested in it?
    4. Comprehend- Am I understanding what I am reading?
    5. Know- I know most of the words

      Many Parents Ask:

      How can I help my child become a better reader?

      Continue to read to him every day and expose him to the language of books. Have him read to you.  If he makes a mistake, simply tell him the correct word and let him move on. This increases enjoyment and fluency.

      To increase comprehension, talk about the story after you've read it.






    Please encourage your child to show kindness, respect and appreciation to others!

    Bucket Filling Ideas To Do At Home

    1. Ask a friend, neighbor or family member if you can help them complete a chore
    2.  Help around the house, community, beaches, parks, libraries
    3.  Keep track of your bucket filling by using:
    a calendar to record how you filled someone's bucket, a bucket and place stones inside to keep track or a journal to write about what you did!



    Tuesday- Library
    Friday- Music






       Our lunch is at 11:35




    If you are able to donate any of the following items to our classroom, it would be greatly appreciated.

      We use these items all throughout the year so you can send them in at any time:


    tissues, paper towels, baby wipes, Lysol wipes, large and small zip lock bags,

    large and small paper plates, lunch or craft bags, play dough, squishy balls

    ~Also, we can always find a use for any items that you may be looking to find a new home for. (games, puzzles, blocks, books, trinkets, toys, craft supplies, dollar store items or something fun for our treasure box) 
    person's trash is another person's treasure!



    Thank you for thinking about our class!




    Recess Reminders:  We will be going outside daily, weather permitting. Please remember that for safety reasons, your child needs to be wearing sneakers to play on the playground.  Thank you for your cooperation.


    It is a great idea to send an extra water bottle to school for your child to drink after recess!




    Please remember that birthday invitations can not be handed out in school. 
    If your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday, you may send a small treat to school.  Birthday treats are enjoyed in the lunchroom, so please bring the treats to school by 10:30.





    Here is a list of school supplies that you may want your child to have.
    These supplies are not required but some parents look for suggestions:



    ~glue sticks



    * Remember a backpack large enough to carry folders and books.



     Our Class Quote:
    Always try your best!


     The Learning Never Stops!

    Try some of these simple everyday learning experiences: 
    -Practice math addition and subtraction facts up to 18.

    -Identify coins and their value.

    -Look for geometric shapes.

    -Pick out sight words on a menu when out to eat.

    -Read everyday! 

    -Tell stories.

    -Listen to audio books in the car.

    -Put the television volume on mute or low and turn on the close captions.