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    We will be using Google Classroom

    for our First Grade Remote Academy this school year. 



    Your child was sent an invite to our google classroom.  They will need to log on to their school gmail, click on the classroom icon Google Classroom icon PNG and SVG Vector Free Download in the mail menu and click "join" on our class: Mrs. Shroyer's Class. 

    *They will need to go in our google classroom on Tuesday, 9/8 and join our live meet at 8:55. 

    Being present on our live meets will count as attendance each day.



    Important Dates:

    First Day of School! - Tuesday, September 8th

    Back to School Night- Thursday, September 10th @ 6:30 pm (via google meet) 

    September 10th, September 11th- Please arrange to pick up Math books and Phonics materials from your home school at some point during the school day(10:00-1:00).



    Remind: School Communication - Apps on Google Play

    PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL USING YOUR EMAIL THAT IS THE BEST CONTACT FOR YOU.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CHILD'S NAME. I will be sending you directions to join our class REMIND for communication. If you already received this information you do not need to email me. 

     Bitmoji Image glshroyer@jacksonsd.org






    Supporting your child during remote learning can be challenging. However, as parents and teachers, our goal has not changed.

    We want our students to learn and grow as much as possible this year.

    With that in mind, there are some simple dos and don’ts that can make a big difference in your child’s progress this year.



    • make sure your child is dressed and has eaten breakfast before coming to Morning Meeting.
    • create a dedicated space for your child to work from.
    • help your child stay organized.
    • make sure your child is online at the appropriate times.
    • repeat directions as needed.
    • give encouragement and/or motivation.
    • praise your child’s effort.
    • remind your child to ask for help when he/she is confused or unsure of what to do.
    • remember the importance of productive struggle*.

    Bitmoji ImageDON’T:

    • tell your child the answers to questions.
    • complete work for your child.
    • be surprised if your child hesitates to answer questions you know they know.
    • forget that we learn by making mistakes!

    Click here:

    Remote Learning Expectations

    Remote Learning Handbook 

    District Remote Academy Page

    Technology Support





    Links to Special Area Teacher Pages:

    Switlik Students:

    Monday: Music/Mr.Morgan Grade 1 Music Google Classroom Link 

    Tuesday: Gym/ Mr. Hamdi https://classroom.google.com/c/MTU4NjQzMjY3ODI2?cjc=4bv5og6

    Wednesday: Computers/Mr. A. https://classroom.google.com/c/MTU4NjI5MDMxMzI1?cjc=ldse5lm

    Thursday: Library/Ms. Palme Grade 1 Library Google Classroom Link 

    Friday: Art/Ms. Martinez Grade 1 Art Google Classroom Link




    heart flowers

    Please encourage your child to show kindness, respect and appreciation to others!

    Bucket Filling Ideas To Do At Home

    1. Ask a friend, neighbor or family member if you can help them complete a chore
    2.  Help around the house, community, beaches, parks, libraries
    3.  Keep track of your bucket filling by using:
    a calendar to record how you filled someone's bucket, a bucket and place stones inside to keep track or a journal to write about what you did!