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    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

     Mrs. Raucci's Class Page

    My name is Mrs. Raucci and I will be your child's teacher this year.  I am so excited to meet my new students.  You will have a fantastic first year at Switlik Elementary School!  Switlik is a GREAT school and you will love it! 

    **I use REMIND to help keep you informed about important news and updates.  Remind is a free service that allows you to get messages directly on your phone.

    Signing up is easy. Text my class code @raucci5 to the phone number 81010 

    Please feel free to email me at traucci@jacksonsd.org anytime throughout the year with any questions or concerns that you may have.

    Please note:  Please remember to bring a photo ID when planning to visit the school/classroom.


    Up-Coming Events


    Thanksgiving Feast- November 26th, @12:30

    Here is the link to sign up to send in donations.


    Here is the link to sign up to receive a ticket and attend the event.



    Winter Holiday Celebration

    Thursday, December 19th


    (details coming soon)


    School Wide Sing Along

     Friday, December 20th (no parents)

    All Switlik kids will gather together to sing holiday songs!

    Wear holiday colors!






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    This week the kids will learn: k,l 

    This week the kids will learn: on, in

    They should know: I, can, like, to, the, an, am, go, my, is, see, this, we, me, he, it, you, and, at, an

    They should know:  b, t, f, m, n, i, u, c, g,a,e,r, p, j


    Phonics-  Fundations is the name of our amazing phonics program.  We begin the year learning all 26 letters (several letters per week).  They will learn to identify capital, lowercase, and identify the sound of each letter.  The kids will also begin to read 2-3 sight words per week.  I recommend that the children review the letters and words daily.


    Reader's Workshop-   In reader's workshop the students will learn to read in many ways.  In the beginning of the year, they will learn to look at the pictures and tell a story.  Eventually, they will read the exact words on the page.  The kids are always encouraged to look at the pictures.

    *The kids have already learned to look at the illustrations, think about what they see, read, and learn.


    Writer's Workshop- The students are writing about what they know.  They may write about bicycles, bugs, dogs, letters, etc.  Then they will illustrate and label.   

    *Recently, the kids have learned to ssstttrrreeetch out sounds using a rubber band to spell words.  







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     This week the kids are working on:
    Topic 4 COMPARING NUMBERS 6-10
    Math Envision 2.0
    This year we are using a program called Envision 2.0
    You can access the website at home using the following link 
    Once on the website, follow the following directions....
    • 1.  At the Pearson sign-in page, click the box that says Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Auto
    • 2.  At the box where it says to choose your district, type/select:

    3.  Student Log In Information:

    Login:  Student ID#

    Password: First Name + Grade level


    Bucket Filling Initiative
    Switlik Elementary School is commmitted to creating a caring and respectful environment. We are using the world acclaimed book by Carol McCloud, Have You Filled a Bucket Today- A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids in order to create a safer, kinder, more respectful school culture.*** Each month a student will be chosen from every class to be the Bucket filler of the month.  They will get their picture taken and posted on the school web page.
    Switlik Reading Challenge
    Let the competition begin!!!  Each student is encouraged to read every night.  Every student that completes their reading log each week, will be rewarded at the end of each month.  If our class reads the most, we win the GOLDEN BOOK AWARD for our grade!  Let's get reading!




    Your child will need a backpack that will hold a 9 x 12 folder.  Please make sure your child’s name is in everything that comes to school.  (They tend to forget what they own)  Also, it will be beneficial if they have crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue at home for homework.   Please label it with your child's name.  Our class can always use tissues, wipes, and Lysol wipes to keep our room sanitized.  I am requesting that you send in a family photo for the kids to put in their cubby.   Thank you!!


    Class Wish List

    Please note: we are a peanut free classroom

    **Please note:  You may send in snacks that "may contain nuts", but no actual peanuts or peanut butter. Thank you:)

    Snacks for students (pretzels, animal crackers, Goldfish, cereal etc.)

    Prizes for our prize box- (They love any small toys that your child is done playing with, goody bag toys, etc.)

    Ziploc bags (all sizes)

    brown lunch bags

     Smarties candy

    baby wipes 



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    The kids will eat lunch in the cafeteria.  Lunch is only 30 minutes, so please keep that in mind when packing your child’s lunch. The kids will have access to a card that they will swipe to make lunch purchases.    


     Snack Time

    We are a peanut free classroom.

    We will also have a small snack daily and I am asking that parents send in snack donations for the whole class to share.  Snack items needed are, Goldfish, boxes of dry cereal, Teddy Grahams, Animal Crackers, Pretzels, etc.  Please feel free to send in a water bottle for your child to drink while they are in the classroom.  Water bottles need to be labeled.  Thank you so much for your generosity!


    Time for Specials!




    Monday- Computers

    Tuesday- Gym 

    Wednesday- Library

    Thursday- Music

    Friday- Art





    The kids will go out to our awesome playground every day. (weather permitting).  Please have your child wear sneakers and comfortable clothes.  They will not be able to use the playground equipment if they are not dressed appropriately.  They will not play if they are wearing high heeled shoes, sandles, flip flops, or boots.  Sneakers only!  Thank you.