Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. 
    Updated December 14, 2021
    *please check my Google Classroom. I put all of the updated links on there each week, just in case we get students that are quarantined, but these are just as helpful to our students that are with us everyday for review!  
    Hello! My name is Ms. Temple and I will be your child's Kindergarten teacher this year!  Kindergarten is an exciting year for both you and your child!  We will try to keep as much of the Kindergarten fun in our program as best as we can during the pandemic.  Things will be different....but for our newest Kindergarteners, we will be creating a new normal and making new kind of fun memories!  
    I will use this page as a form of communication until our Google Classroom is up and running and everyone is logged on.  I will update the date at the top each time I update the page.  I will also be using Remind texting services as another way to keep an open line of communication!  I have the new log on information for the 2021/2022 school year at the bottom of this page.  Please log on ASAP! I love to share reminders and pictures of your children with you this way! 
    click here for the party sign up link
    ***You will need to log onto my google classroom to see the attachments and support videos. They wil not be listed on here. 

    For the weeks of Dec 13-17th & Dec 20-23rd

    As we begin to wrap up this 1st part of the year, we will be working on hard on the end of the trimester testing on our letters, sounds, sight words and numbers.  We will also be adding in lots of fun holiday themed activities!

    Remember that we are using our chromebooks EVERYDAY in school!  We will be practicing getting on to ixl on our own these next 2 weeks, so please practice with your child at home.  As well as, trying to get the diagnostic testing done.  I truly appreciate your help with this!!  

    🎯And keep working on ixl!  I will be starting to add in weekly assignments on there for the kids to do...so be sure that they are logged on and practicing!  *If they are logged on correctly, you will see their name up in the top right corner of the screen!  It will say "Welcome, (and then their name).  
    ***I added the diagnostic test as part of their recommendations. 

    Last week we focused some of our stories and activities on different Gingerbread stories!  This week, we will focus on Reindeer and on Wed 12/15, we will have a Reindeer themed day!  We will be making on Party Goody Bags this day!!  So you may send in goody bag fillers for our Polar Express themed Party Day on Wednesday, December 22nd!  We have 26 kids in the class (Welcome to our new friend Wyatt who started with us this week!)
    I added the Party Snack Sign Up list down below!  Please sign up for something if you can help out!  THANK YOU!

    Now for info on our academics this week!

    👀We will be finishing up our Fundations Unit on our lowercase letters.   *Our goal is for the children to be able to recognize the letter, say the letter name, the keyword picture associated with the letter and it's sound.  For ex.  n, nut, /n/.  And also to be able to write the letter correctly on the lines using the correct lines (top line=sky line, middle dashed line=plane line, bottom line=grass line and the last line=worm line....for those letters that go under the bottom line.)  See the paper sample down below.  
    *I also included a few Fundations videos down below for you to use at home for review with your child.  These videos will just enhance the lessons that we are doing in school and are here if you feel that your child needs extra support.  
    **Please look for the Fundations parent support packet each week. These DO NOT have to be returned. They are for you to use at home with practice and review. 

    Our letters this week will be:  z & qu

    The letters we have introduced so far are:  t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, j, l, h, k, v, w, y, x

    📚We will continue to add to our sight words: During the week, I will be sending the new word cards for you to add to the bag that I sent home.  Please keep them at home...NOT in their folder.  

    The sight words for this week are:  do & up

    The sight words we have introduced are:  I, a, my, can, like, am, the, go, to, is, see, me, we, he , it, you, and, on, in, at, an, so, no
    *please check to see if you have all of these words at home.  The last 4 were sent home on Mon 12/13.  
    I also added in 2 Sight Word Slide Shows that we used in class to review our words!  

    👀Below, I also added in 2 google slide shows that you can use to help review our Fundations letters and Super Sight Words.  We will introduce them in class during the week, BUT they will always be here for you to also use at home.   Just please try to stop at the "STOP SIGNS" on each slide show and do not go ahead of us.  THANK YOU!

    🔢In Math, we are working on Topic 6-Understanding Addition.   Please continue to help your child practice writing the  numbers correctly if you see that he/she is still having difficulty when writing them during homework     

    📚In Readers Workshop we are learning how to be a Super Reader!    I will add a few anchor charts shortly to help you with your reading practice at home.  Our goal is that you find 15-20 minutes a day to read to/with your child.  Right now they still need to hear what a good reader sounds like...so read to them.  Be animated and have fun with it.  The more fun you make it, the more that they will want to learn to read by themselves!  And reading cannot only be learned in school...this is a TEAM EFFORT!   I will teach them new letters, sounds and sight words, as well as new reading strategies!  But just like with anything else, they will need practice!  So please try to make reading a daily activity at home!  
    *I added a few slides below of the skills that we are using with your children in class.  
    **We will begin our 2nd Unit on Super Readers this week!  We will introduce new strategies to help your child become a "Super Reader".  Once all the strategies have been introduced, I will send home a note that you can use when reading with your child at home with our reading strategies.     

    👉Homework:  Please look for homework papers to go home.  I will usually send a Math worksheet that went with that days lesson and I will also send home a letter/sound worksheet or sight word activity each night.  I will NOT send home homework on a Friday-unless your child did not finish their work in school.  So please check the folders each night and take out all the papers and books.  ONLY RETURN the homework assignments to me to check the next day.   And I do not follow the wording on the folders..."please keep at home/return to school!"  It is hard enough to make  sure that they kids are learning to put their papers in the folder that I cannot run around to check that they put it on the correct side.  The only that comes back to school is homework or anything if it has a note to return.  THANK YOU!!
    *Please be sure to use a pencil for any letter or number writing activities.  Thank you!

    PTN News:
    The Switlik PTN is still looking for families to join the PTN.  Family dues are just $10 for the year!  
    Please check out their page on the school website.
    Thank you again to everyone that has already supported the PTN!  Every dollar goes back to the kids!!
    ***The PTN is looking for parents o come in and help with the holiday shop!  They CANNOT do these activities for the kids without help!  So please consider coming in to help for a few hours this week!

    Next week, we will be in holiday mode making crafts and finishing up some of our units!  Please look for homework each day and continue to review the letters, sounds and sight words!  
    Report Cards will be available on December 23rd!  
    Remember that we have a shortened day on Thursday, Dec 23rd!  And that school is closed from Fri Dec 24th to Sunday, Jan 2nd!
    School will start up again on Monday, Jan 3rd, 2022!!
    *The holiday break is a great time to WASH the lunchboxes, bookbags and coats!!  

    Let's have a great week!

    💜 Ms. Temple

    Important Reminder Notes for the start of school:
    -Please label everything that comes in, including water bottles. And don't forget sweatshirts/jackets as the weather will start to get cooler!  This can be as easy as pinning a ribbon or piece of fabric inside the clothing, so you DO NOT have to write on it.  
    -Please send in a backpack with a folder each day with your child. You may use the Switlik folder that the PTN has supplied for you, or you can use another of your choice. BUT, please only send in 1 folder.  Sending 2 just confuses the kids and then they put some papers in 1 folder, and other papers in the other folder-thus causing things to get misplaced. 
    -In the backpack, it is also encouraged to have an extra mask or 2 incase the 1st one gets misplaced, wet or dirty.  Please be sure that the clean masks are in a labeled bag or container.  Dirty masks will just be put in their backpack so you know the difference.  Please remember that it is mandatory that the children wear masks all day. We will have frequent mask breaks throughout the day.  To help keep the masks as clean as possible, have your child practice putting on and removing their mask the corrrect way.  
    -The students are also encouraged to bring in a water bottle each day.  We will not have access to the water fountain due to the current situation, so I kindly ask that a water bottle be sent in everyday.  And it must be water.  Juice will be allowed in the lunchroom.  (I will have a small supply of water bottles here for those that do forget one day that have been donated by the Switlik PTN!)  Their water bottles will be returned home each day to wash.  *if a water bottle does get left here accidentally, please send in a new, clean one the next school day and I will try to be sure to send home both bottles their next school day.   
    -Let's work together to make this a GREAT Year! 
    Virtual Learning Expected Norms
    If the district requires us to go remote, we will be using Google Meets.  Please be sure to join our Google Classroom-all invites will be sent to the student's email.    
    Please read over these remote learning norms that will help our Google Meets run smoothly! 
    The District Tech Tool Kit and Student/Parent Tutorials are available to help you with some common tech problems and document questions.
    Upcoming Dates:
    Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns...but please be aware that it may take me a few days to respond. During the school year, a hand delivered note will be needed if your concern needs immediate attention (for ex. a change in bus/pick up dismissal for that day).  
    My email is cmtemple@jacksonsd.org
     We will start the year with a program called Fundations.  Fundations will introduce the children to 2-3 letters a week.  We will work on identifying each letter, the letter sound and printing the letter correctly. Each week we will send home a parent note to let you know what the focus is for the week and how you can help our child at home.   
    Unit 1
    This week our letters will be: z & qu
    Letters introduced: t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, j, l, h, k, v, w, y, x,
    How Can You Help At Home:
    During review at home, see if your child can think of 3-5 words that begin with that letter.  
    Have him/her look for things around your house that begin with the letters you are practicing.
    Identify the beginning letter of family members or family friends names.
    Have your child help with shopping and helping to write the shopping list.
    Use the Parent Information page that we send home each week.  Included with the Parent Information page, will be the letter pages.  Please use these pages to review with your child at home.  They can trace the letter with their finger, starting at the top and going down. As they finish tracing the letter, they can practice saying the letter name, the keyword picture and then the sound.  For example, Tt, top, /t/.   They can then color the picture.
    sight words
    Each week, we will introduce 2-3 grade level words (sight words). Grade level words are a mixture of sight words and tricky words that your child will see in their leveled reading books. Each week, we will send home flash cards of the words for that week.   Please keep these in a safe place and review them daily. 
      Unit 1 Words:
    This week we will work on the words:  do & up
    Words you should have at home:  I, a, my, can, like, am, the, go, to, is, see, me, we, he, it, on, in, an, at, so, no, you, 
    Unit 2 Words:
    (Beginning in January)
    *please add our new words to the 1st bag I sent home.  Keep this bag at home...it does NOT NEED to come back to school.  A good spot to keep them is in their Book Boxes!
    Readers Workshop
    In class during our readers workshop time, we are learning how to be a Reader. 
    We are learning that there are 3 ways to read a book...
    1. Look at the pictures
    2. Look at the words
    3.  Retell the story
    Reading at Home
    It is highly encouraged that you read at home with your child.  We will start the week of ___ with our  Switlik School Reading Program.  Please keep the reading calendar in their homework folder.  I will be checking it on Fridays.  I am just looking for the parent signature and the title of their favorite book that they read that day.  
    *If you do do extra reading over the weekend, feel free to add those dates and your initials under the current week section on the log.  I do love to reward my friends who do extra practice!!  :) 
    Check out this chart to see how reading for an extra 20 minutes a day with your child will benefit him/her in school!   
    Reading at home
    Please make daily reading an important part of your day!
    "Readers are made on the laps of their parents!"
    Again, reading is not meant to be a chore at home....we hope that you make reading part of your daily routine!
    Writers Workshop
    Writer's Workshop is a designated time each day where students become “authors”.
    After each mini-lesson students will have independent writing time where they will choose their own topic for their writing and have an opportunity to practice skills and strategies taught in the mini lesson. By giving the students choices in their topics, the writing becomes authentic, engaging, and meaningful. During this independent writing time the teacher will be meet with individuals or small groups to conference and encourage their growth as authors.
    Students will learn to write, revise, edit, and publish stories throughout the school year. They will also begin to assess their own writing and learn to implement the characteristics of quality writing into their own work.
    In the spring, we will showcase students’ writing during our “Switlik Author Night”. Students will have opportunities to share some of their published stories with their parents and celebrate their accomplishments.
    So encourage writing at home....drawing a picture and then labeling it.  And if they can....write a simple sentence to go with it!
    Or writing can be as simple as writing a list or making a card for someone!  
    And for those that need to copy words that they see at home....that is GREAT Practice too!!!
    I love seeing extra practice....use the back of some of our homework pages to try this 1-2 a week.  You will see how quickly they will get better with practice (and with one-on-one help!)
    Math Envision 2.0
    This year we are using a program called Envision 2.0 
    You can access the website by following the directions below. 

     We are working on Topic #6-Understanding Addition

    • At the beginning of each topic, we will send home a parent information home page.  This will also include copies of our math vocabulary words.  You can keep these at home to use for review.  After each lesson, we will send home the corresponding homework page to complete at home.  These pages are meant to be done with help.


    • science

      Social Studies & Science

    We will finish up our Social Studies Unit Unit on Family & Holidays.  



    color words


    Each week we will focus on a new color and color word.  During the week, we will do a few fun activities with that color.   On Fridays, we will dress in that color too, whether you attend school or you are at home for remote learning that day. 


    We will send home color word cards for you to review with your child.  Please review these at home.  Many of the children feel very successful when they can read the color words so quickly in the year.  Please keep these cards at home.  



    Week of 9/20-Red Week 

    Week of 9/27-Yellow Week

    Week of 10/4- Blue Week

    Week of 10/11-Green Week

    Week of 10/18-Orange Week

    Week of 10/25-Purple Week

    Week of 11/8-Brown Week

    Week of 11/15-Black & White Week





    Bucket Filling

    Bucket Filler  

     Switlik School is proud to be a Bucket Filling School!  Each month, 1 student will be chosen for the Class Bucket Filler!  Encourage your child to be a Bucket Filler at home too!   


    November:  Clayton C & Markella V





    As for supplies, your child will need a back pack that can hold a 9 x 12 folder.

    Please label it and have your child practice opening and closing it on their own. THANK YOU!  

    I would also like to ask for an old shirt to use as an Art Smock. Please label this and send it in ASAP.  They will be stored in the classroom for our "messy" art projects.  

    As always, tissues and wipes are a "teacher's best friend", so I would gladly accept any donations of tissues or baby wipes. THANK YOU!  

    During the course of the year, I may ask for specific items that we will share with the class.  Please look below for any needed items on my class page.  

    I would recommend having crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue or/glue sticks at home for homework projects. Please do not send any of those items to school. I have all the supplies that your child will need!


    ***September 2021***

    With the new guidelines, we will NOT be sharing everyday items like pencils & crayons.  In the past, they were shared items and our baskets were refilled every 5-6 weeks.  Now, each child will have their own supply box.  I would like to ask for a few extra packs of Crayola Crayons to come into school.  I will hold onto to them for now.  They are usually so cheap this time of the year (like 50 cents a box!!)  We will only use the 16 or 24 count boxes....please do not send in the 64 or larger count boxes....that is WAY TOO MANY color choices for our little ones.  :) 

    And in the beginning of the year....I will only give the children the 8 basic colors.  Once we hit the end of winter, beginning of Spring, I will then add in the fun, extra colors!  So please do not be upset if you send in boxes now, and the kids do not have access to them YET!  They will....just a little later on!   

    Thanks so much for your anticipated donations and help!!


    Wish List Items

    Right now we have plenty of everything! 

    Thank you!



    Additional items may be added as we need them!


    Target Dollar Spot Items-this area is a teachers dream and has LOTS of fun things for the kids for the classroom (mini erasers, stickers, prize box items)....anything that is kid friendly!




    If you have something at home you think the kids would like to use and you are not sure, just email me to ask!  :)







    We will eat lunch during the 1st lunch period, 10:55-11:25.  

    You will need to send in a lunch (ready to eat, we cannot heat up anything), easy to open snacks and a drink or you may order the FREE school lunch each day!

    Your child does have the option to get a free lunch everyday.  Please visit the school website for the lunch menu.  

    The lunch period is only 30 minutes and many of the K students have a tough time finishing up their lunch and snacks.  I suggest that you limit their snack choices in their lunches to 1 or 2 only.  Many children tend to open their snacks first and not eat their sandwich/lunch item.  

    PLEASE alert us to any allergies that your child has with a note.








    Monday-Computers with Mr. Struthers   *His google classroom code is _______

     *Please be sure to send in their charged chromebook on Mondays!

    Tuesday-Art with Mrs. Langer   *Her google classroom code is qxcvvgc

    Wednesday-Library with Mrs. Brenner 

    Thursday-Gym with Mrs. Pfluger *Please wear sneakers

    Friday-Music with Mr. Morgan






    A Note from the Librarian-Ms. Palme


    You can access the digital ebooks on the school library Destiny page.


    Here is the link with the directions (or see her class page for more info). 






    Report Cards:    Please be sure you are ready to access your child’s report card on the district portal website.  Report cards will be available on the portal to parents on ____.  Also, please remember that if your Portal log-in does not work, please try the “Forgot My Password” link above BEFORE contacting support, as most issues will be resolved through that feature.  Please note that the “Forgot Password” link will work only with parents who have an e-mail as their login ID.  For questions or problems with your login ID’s or password (or if you do not have them), please send an email to portalsupport@jacksonsd.org and include your name and phone number, as well as your child’s name, school, grade, student ID number and the problem you are experiencing and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.



    Remind App


    I would like to help you all keep up with ALL the activities that we do in class.  Join my Remind group on your phone and/or email.  I will post reminders about upcoming activities and events!  It is easy to do and FREE to join!  Follow the ink below and sign up today!


    Ms. Temple's Class 2021-2022


     Join our Class Remind-Click Here

    Class code @43783g2


    Free Learning Websites

    Free Learning Websites


    Epic! Online Digital Reading Library

    I just added our class to this GREAT reading resource!

    To log on....

    1.  Go to https://www.getepic.com/

    2.  Log in with our class code  ***Will be updated soon

    3.  Find your child's name and begin!!



    *Please continue to read the calendar section.  That section will keep you updated with our activities and events.


    working together  


    PTN News


    Please consider joining our amazing PTN!  Send in your family membership envelopes!  Every dollar raised by the PTN, goes right back to your students!


    We can already thank them for our new Switlik folders, classroom care packages, our gift card for our memory book photos, plus many more things that they have instore for us! 


    *The PTN class page is up and running!


     You can also follow them on facebook!

    Switlik PTN fb page




    Consider attending the monthly meetings and joining a committee!  It is a GREAT way to get involved in our school!


    Their next meeting is:


    Upcoming Activities:




    Let's work together to make this a great year for your child!

    Ms. Temple

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