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    Welcome to Kindergarten!!  My name is Jennifer Malcolm and I will have the pleasure of being your child's teacher this year.  This is my 18th year teaching at Switlik. I truly love what I do! I am looking forward to getting to know both you and your child. Please feel free to email me with any question or concerns that you may have this year. Your child will need a back pack that will hold a 9 x 12 folder. Please make sure your child's name is on everything that comes to school.  Also, it will be very helpful if you have crayons, pencils, scissors and glue at home for homework activities. We will have these items at school, so there is no need to send these items to school. Please feel free to email me anytime at jmmalcolm@jacksonsd.org or call Switlik at 732-833-4650.





    It's going to be a great year!



    Students report to school on Thursday, September 6, 2018
    School is Closed on the following dates:
    Monday & Tuesday, September 10th & 11th
    Wednesday, September 19th





    We will begin our year introducing the alphabet using the Fundations Phonics Program.  During the 1st two short weeks, we will read Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom and introduce ALL the letters.  Starting the 3rd week, we will focus on 1-2 letters a week.  We will introduce (review) each letter, sound and discriminate between the uppercase and lowercase letter.  
    Letters introduced:   
    During review at home, see if your child can think of 3-5 words that begin with that letter.  
    Have him/her look for things around your house that begin with the letters you are practicing.
    Identify the beginning letter of family members or family friends names.
    Have your child help with shopping and helping to write the shopping list. 
    sight words
    Each week, we will introduce 2-3 sight words. Sight words are words that your child will see in their leveled reading books. Each week, we will send home flash cards of the words for that week.   Please keep these in a safe place and review them daily. 
    *please add our new words to the 1st bag I sent home.  Keep this bag at home...it does NOT NEED to come back to school. 
    Readers Workshop
    In class during our readers workshop time, we are learning how to be a Reader. 
    We are learning that there are 3 ways to read a book...
    1. Look at the pictures
    2. Look at the words
    3.  Retell the story
    We are also very busy looking at those letters in our books and using the pictures to help us "read" the words.  Many of our books have our sight words, so we are having fun while learning and being a detective to look for our sight words!
    We also are learning how to retell stories by listening to some "Old Storybook Favorites" like "The Carrot Seed",  "Caps For Sale" and "Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm".  We have read the stories numerous times and the children are now "reading" the books to their reading partners!  


    • color words

    color of the week


    Each week we will focus on a different color.  During the week, we will send home a color word flashcard and we will work on identifying that color word in different activities.  We will also have 1 day each week to dress in that color and we will ask the students to bring in a picture (cut from a magazine, printed off the internet or hand-drawn) for a color poster in our classroom.  The pictures will NOT be returned. Our first color will be RED. We will send home color word cards for you to review with your child.  Please review these at home.  Many of the children feel very successful when they can read the color words so quickly in the year.
    We will eat lunch at 10:55-11:25. You will need to send in a lunch (ready to eat, we cannot heat up anything), easy to open snacks and a drink.  
    Your child does have the option to purchase lunch everyday.  Please visit the school website for the lunch menu.  Your child will be given a lunch code # to memorize to use to purchase their lunch.  Please practice this at home to help with the purchasing process in school.  
    The lunch period is only 30 minutes and many of the K students have a tough time finishing up their lunch and snacks.  I suggest that you do not allow your child to buy any additional snacks during the 1st month of school, until they get used to the quick paced lunch time block.  Also, limit their snack choices in their lunches to 1 or 2 only.  Many children tend to open their snacks first and not eat their sandwich/lunch item.
    Your child may bring in a water bottle each day.  I recommend that it is labeled!!  The students will keep these in their cubbies and will have access to them all day.  I will make sure they go home each day (to help keep away the germs).  These can only have water in them.  Please save the juice for their lunch time only.  THANK YOU!
    Remind App
    I would like to help you all keep up with ALL the activities that we do in class.  Join my Remind group on your phone and/or email.  I will post reminders about upcoming activities and events!  It is easy to do and FREE to join!  Follow these instructions to join. Copy link into server to connect or use picture below to text and join. Thank you! This is a great tool that I use ALL year long. 
    • THANK YOU! During the course of the year, I may ask for specific items that we will share with the class.  Please look below for any needed items on my class page. 

    I would recommend having crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue or/glue sticks at home for homework projects. Please do not send any of those items to school. I have all the supplies that your child will need!


    SNACK TIME!!!!

    We will also have snack time in the afternoon. 

    Good snack choices include:  Goldfish, pretzels, dry cereals, animal crackers, or mini marshmallows.  At times, we will ask for a specific item to be sent in that we can use to go along with a current theme or activity.  *Some of these items may change once I am alerted to allergies!!

    • Due to food allergies, I kindly ask that PEANUT FREE snack items be sent in.  We want to keep our friends healthy & safe and we truly appreciate your understanding!


    Currently, we have 25 students in our class


    Monday, June 3rd
    The kids will get to have some fun outside playing some of the fun gym games that they have learned this year in gym!    
    To make the day fun and safe for all, your child will need:
    RED Game Day Shirt purchased by the PTN (I will send them home the week before)
    SNEAKERS are a MUST!
    Shorts or pants-your choice
    Sunblock, bug spray (applied at home) and hat if needed
    Towel to sit on
    2 LABELED Water bottles
    Healthy Snacks
    *a Pizza lunch will be provided by the PTN.  If your child does not like pizza, they may bring their own lunch. 
     Shortened Days
    Monday, June 17-Thursday, June 20th
    We will dismiss at 1:35 each day. 
    *Lunch will still be served
    We will have a few fun activities scheduled for these last few days....so be on the lookout for info here soon!
    Last Day-Thursday, June 20th!
  • Specials

    Monday- Music

    Tuesday- Library

    Wednesday- Gym

    Thursday- Art

    Friday- Computers

  • Classroom Supplies Needed





    baby wipes

     (cheez its, oreos,  goldfish, animal crackers)

    ziploc bags; large and small


    thank you



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  • Math Envision 2.0
    This year we are using a program called Envision 2.0
    You can access the website at home using the following link 
    Once on the website, follow the following directions....
    • 1.  At the Pearson sign-in page, click the box that says Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Auto
    • 2.  At the box where it says to choose your district, type/select:

    3.  Student Log In Information:

    Login:  Student ID#

    Password: First Name + Grade level (for ex:  CourtneyKF)

    *All Kindergarten students must put KF as the grade after their name, no spaces.


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  •  Please  remember to send in lunch and or lunch money each day.  We will be eating in the lunchroom everyday and they do have the option to purchase a lunch or a milk if needed.  Lunch is only 30 minutes, so please keep that in mind when packing your child's lunch.  We do not have the means to heat up any items.  All food items should be ready to eat.  During the first few weeks, there will be extra hands in the cafeteria to assist the children with opening up their food/drink containers.  It would be beneficial for you to have your child start to practice opening and closing their own containers.  We will eat lunch daily from 10:55-11:25 (1st lunch period). Please be sure to practice memorizing with your child, their student ID number, which will be used for the Computerized Payment System when purchasing any school lunch food/drink item.  Their student ID number will be listed on the portal. 

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