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    Hi! My name is Ms. Malcolm and I will be your child's Kindergarten teacher this year!  Kindergarten is an exciting year for both you and your child! I will use this page to communicate until our Google Classroom is up and running and everyone is logged on.  I will be providing all supplies needed for the school year except for a backpack. If you would like to send in a folder with your child in their backpack, that would be great! Thank you!!! Please be sure to keep crayons, pencils, paper, etc at home to assist with homework.
    ***I kindly ask that you email me so that I have your correct email in my address book.  Be sure to put your name and child's name in the email. THANK YOU!
     Important Reminders 
    Please label EVERYTHING that comes in, including water bottles.
    Thankfully, we do have air conditioning in our classroom, but it does get CHILLY in there at times. Keeping a sweatshirt in their cubby is a great idea:)
    Please send in a backpack with a folder each day with your child. You may use the Switlik folder that the PTN will supply for you, or you can use another of your choice. Please only send in 1 folder.
    It is encouraged to have your child bring a lunch from home the first few weeks in Kindergarten, BUT lunch will be available if needed. If your child is buying lunch, please put a note in their folder so we are aware & have a heads up. Lunch is NO LONGER free!!
    The students are also encouraged to bring in a water bottle each day for class. We do go outside most days and that water comes in handy:)   And it must be water.  Juice will be allowed in the lunchroom. Their water bottles will be returned home each day to wash.  *If a water bottle does get left here accidentally, please send in a new, clean one the next school day and I will try to be sure to send home both bottles that day.
    Please send in a note if there will be a change in dismissal for your child. All dismissal notes are sent down to the office in the morning.  It is IMPORTANT that you date these notes and that you use your child's full name.
    Please keep a change of clothes in a Gallon/Freezer Bag with their name labeled on it. I will keep them in their cubbies and we will change the clothes with the seasons. There will be bathroom/lunch incidents throughout the year, and this will assist.
    I look forward to a WONDERFUL YEAR!!
    Back To School Night for Kindergarten is Monday, September 18th at 7pm. This is for the parents, not the children. If you cannot attend due to a sitter situation, I will send papers home with your child the next day. Information will also be posted on the google classroom 
    ******  I would like to help you keep up with ALL the activities that we do in class.  PLEASE JOIN  my REMIND group on your phone and/or email....text 810-10 and in the message write @kindermalc. I will post reminders about upcoming activities and events!  It is easy to do and FREE to join!  Follow the link below and sign up today:)

    baby wipes

    gallon ziploc bags
    sandwich bags


    *Snacks; pretzels, goldfish, etc...a dry snack in bulk. This will be for those children that do not have a snack that day*
    Our class has first lunch at 10:50 so I allow the kids to have a snack in the afternoon because it's a long time since they ate last. I will be sending information about a small, somewhat healthy snack they can pack daily with their water:)