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    (updated 5/6)


    Your child MUST be able to complete at least 30 fast facts in ONE MINUTE by the end of the year.  Please continue to practice their facts to memory (no fingers, no pausing).  One minute a night , there is a need for speed!!  This is imperative to make their transition to 3rd grade a smooth one.


    We continue to have homework Monday through Thursday.  Please moniter that your child is completing MATH and spelling hw nightly.  Reading for 15 minutes each night will do wonders to help your child progress in fluency and comprehension.   Please encourage them to read, read , read!!!


     Check out our American Education Week STEM Activity






    Continue to review math facts (addition and subtraction) nightly using flashcards.  Knowing fact families help your child immensely as we learn different math strategies. Your child needs to have all facts memorized (no fingers!!)





    Please check and sign your child's planner EACH night to verify that they have done their HW.




      DATES TO REMEMBER:announcements



    Scholastic book order Online class code JCYTL.  Ordering online saves time and you are able to order from the entire Scholastic site.  You are not limited to the flier. I will be notified that your order was placed.  Have fun and check out all the great monthly deals for your child.  Perfect for Spring, or Easter baskets!!




    2nd Grade Game Day: June 5th Please wear game day shirt; Pizza lunch will be provided by PTN after game day

    Please send in plenty of water and healthy snacks.  Two volunteers needed. Volunteers will be chosen on a first come first serve basis.

    PTN Surf Taco Night - 5/16 5:30-?

    5/22 Switlik Art Museum 6-8:30

    5/24 Shortened Day

    5/27- Memorial Day, no school

    June 20th - Last day






    Fun Math site:  Freckle.com (teacher code boninm)

    A great way to practice fluency while having fun. The students have the login info in their planner.







    Please sign up for the Remind app if you have not already done so.  It is an easy way to stay connected to the important events and dates in our class. Simple text 81010 to @bonino2. You may also sign up via your computer to receive important updates.  Look for Bonino 2018-2019





    The school store will be the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Your child will be able to shop at the end of lunch after they have finished their lunch.  Items available are basic school supplies priced from .25 to $2.00.  

    The PTN is always looking for volunteers to help. If interested, please contact Samantha Marley or PTN.switlik.gmail.com




    You are able to acess the math series online, as well as view the video to help you better understand the lesson.  ALSO, the 3 math pages that are sent home nightly give you a complete step by step guide to how to complete the problems. If your child accidently leaves their math work at school, you may print it out at home.


    Please  practice addition and subtraction facts with flash cards. Five minutes nightly makes a world of difference!!



    Keep collecting those BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION!!! TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS, RELATIVES AND FRIENDS TO SAVE THEM FOR US! Do not hold on to the for extended periods of time as they have an expiration date. 


    If there are any changes in your child's dismissal routine (child care, parent pick up, etc. please submit a note in writing with your child's full given name, classroom teacher (me!) and what the change will be.  This note is given to the receptionists and they might not know who "JP" is.  If there is a last minute change, please call the school at 732-833-4650 and let the office know. They will contact me immediately. 

    pencils crayons




    Weekly Spelling Homework Schedule:

    Monday: write the first half of your words 3x each, block format, skip a line between each NEW word.  Examples are shown on the inside cover of your child's spelling HW notebook.

    Tuesday: write the 2nd half of your words 3x each

    Wednesday:       Rainbow write your words 1x each.  Write each word ONE time in list format, using a different color for each letter of each word.  Ex. apple


    Thursday: Pick 5 of your challenging words and write great sentences for each word.  Use details and describing words in your sentence. Underline the spelling word used. SKip a line between each sentence. 

    Please add details, instead of "I have an apple".try adding lots of details.....

    GREAT sentence:  "On Sunday, I went apple picking with my family and we had a great time."



      Having a set of flash cards (both addition and subtraction) at home will help your child to become successful in math. These can be either homemade (index cards are perfect) or store bought (available at most Dollar Stores).  Reviewing math facts for five minutes each night will greatly help them become successful learners.


    I look forward to a wonderful year.

    WE are a TEAM!

    Together Each Achieve More



      I can be reached via email at  Kbonino@jacksonsd.org.  If your child will have any change in their regular dismissal schedule (bus instead of child care, pick up instead of bus, etc.) please send in a written note with your child's first and last name and the date. These notes are sent to the office so that reception knows of any changes. If there is a last minute change, please call the office. (732 833-4650). This will ensure that I receive any updates.

    Our class uses the REMIND app for class updates. You will be given sign-up information at back to school night. REMIND is a one-way source of information, from me to you only. It helps you to stay apprised of all pertinent dates and information, ie, book fair reminder, test date reminder, picture day reminder, etc. 



    * Website: www.pearsonrealize.com

    * At the Pearson sign in page- click the box that says

    Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Auto

    * Where it says choose your district- type and select:


    * Student log in:

    * Username/Login: Student ID #

    * Password: First name + grade level (example: Mark01)



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