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    . It's hard to believe that it's already October! Your children are progressing nicely and working so hard. I'm very proud of them! 


    Please consider joining our PTN. They are able to provide so much for our school. Please use this form to join and submit dues. 


    Another exciting event for the students is a pumpkin painting contest. There will be a winner from every grade level and pumpkins will be voted on by staff. If interested, please fill out this flyer to PTN.Switlik@gmail.com by 10/23/20. 


    For more PTN events and fundraisers, please check out their Switlik page here.


    October is also the month of many school observances. 


    October 19-23 is School Safety Awareness Week. The calendar of events are listed below for that week. 



    We close out our month of observances with Red Ribbon Week, which is October 26-30. Please see the calendar of events below for that week. 







    Student Expectations :

    To maintain a positive, productive learning environment and assure confidentiality for students and teachers during distance learning, all students are asked to observe the following guidelines: 

    • Keep in mind, you are IN SCHOOL! Hours and attendance will run simultaneously with your scheduled classes. Students are expected to log in and remain for the entirety of the class period. 
    • Be on time. 
    • Come prepared. 
    • Follow the school dress code. 
    • Find a quiet place free of distractions.
    • Family members, including parents, guardians, siblings, should not be a part of the meetings.
    • Do not attend meetings from your bed. 
    • Attempt to select an area in your home with enough space for necessary items- books, notebooks, computers, etc. 
    • Make sure your device is charged and ready for use. 
    • Turn cameras ON; show your face. Do not turn off your camera. 
    • Mute yourself until you are told to unmute. 
    • Ask questions in the chat and/or raise your hand. If for some reason a student needs to leave the meeting, they should comment in the chat. 
    • Use polite and appropriate language. No side conversations. 
    • Give your best effort online as you would in the classroom. 
    • Do not record meetings to protect the privacy of all participants. You must have legal consent from all of the participants to record a meeting.
    • Inappropriate use/behavior on Google Meets will be handled according to the district’s Code of Conduct. 


    Important Information:


    Click here to review the Parent

    and Student Handbook.


    COVID Protocols


    BAck to School Night Presentation









     "Success in mathematics education also is important for individual citizens, because it gives them college and career options, and it increases prospects for future income. A strong grounding in high school mathematics through Algebra II or higher correlates powerfully with access to college, graduation from college, and earning in the top quartile of income from employment."

    -National Mathematics Advisory Panel, Final Report, p. xiii



    Keep practicing those math facts!


    Have you checked out the math website??

    Students can gain access to the online text, Homework Buddy, games and other resources. Here's how:


    EnVision Math Login Instructions for Students:

    Students will use their district Google account credentials to log into Pearson EnVision Math.  You will NOT use a username or password to access your Math resources and class assignments.  

    Please find your login instructions below:

    1.  You MUST FIRST LOG INTO your district Google account (or Gmail)
      1. Your email is studentID@jacksonsd.org  ex: 8675309@jacksonsd.org
      2. Password: initials and studentID  ex: jb8675309
      3. If this is your first time logging into Gmail, your password is welcome#jsd.  
    2. While still in your Gmail, go to the Apps button (waffle).
    3. Click “More” at the bottom.
    4. Click the “Easy Bridge” icon and you will be there! taken directly to Pearson.  Just click “Realize” in the lower right and you’re there!



     Envision  2en





     Please continue to read for at least 30 minutes every day!


    Reader's Workshop

    Stay tuned for more information!




    Writer's Workshop

    Stay tuned for more information!



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