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     spring has sprung









    Have some fun by going to a Baseball Game!


    The Switlik PTN is sponsoring
    Switlik Night at the Blue Claws Stadium

    Monday, June 3rd
    Game Time - 7:05 pm
    $10.00 per ticket
    Arrive early to watch some of our Switlik 5

    th Grade Chorus members sing the

    National Anthem before the game.

    We are also raffling off a $25 Blue Claws Gift Cards to be used

    at the game!

    *To be entered for this raffle, you must purchase your tickets by May 10th

    Tickets are on sale now through May 24th







    SWITLIK Chooses Kind!

    Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti





    Reading Goal: READ READ READ!

    (1 step =15 minutes of reading)


    Remember to read 30 minutes, 2 steps, each night!  









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    Pearson Math Game Center:

    All Grades





    XTRA Math Business is BOOMIN!

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    Dear parent(s)/guardian(s):  

    Think of XtraMath as a math vitamin! For best results, your child should do XtraMath once per day as regularly as possible. It only takes a few minutes so make it a part of your daily routine. Math facts are the building blocks of your child's math education and your child will be well rewarded for the time they spend practicing on XtraMath.


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    XTRA Math Power House Completion 

    100% XTRA Math Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division



    Alexandria  Sophia King
    Mrs. Wood's Addition Super Stars  
    100% XTRA Math Addition
     winner sophia
    Alexandria                       Sophia H.
    anthony james
    Anthony              James
    Mrs. Wood's Subtraction Super Stars  
    100% XTRA Math Subtraction
     Alex  Anthony
    Alexandria                   Anthony
    Sophia King
    Mrs. Wood's Multiplication Super Stars  
    100% XTRA Math Multiplication
    Alex  Perez
    Alexandria            Michael Perez
    King  Soph H
    Sophia K.                      Sophia H.         
    Christopher James G.
    Sydney Jacob
    Lia P.  Emma
    Brayden  Lyla
    Mrs. Wood's Division Super Stars  
    100% XTRA Math Division
                     Alexandria                  Michael Perez     
    Sophia King     James G.
    Jacob Lia
    Sophia H.
    Mr. Mathews' Addition Super Stars  
    100% XTRA Math Addition
    victoria dominique
                             Victoria                         Dominique                         
     eva Lila
    Eva                                Lila  
     Ava angelina
     Ava                            Angelina
    Mr. Mathews' Subtraction Super Stars  
    100% XTRA Math Subtraction
    eva dominique
    Eva                               Dominique
    Mr. Mathews' Multiplication Super Stars  
    100% XTRA Math Multiplication
    dominu eva
    Dominique                    Eva
    Alex Victoria
    Alexander                      Victoria
    Angelina Erin
    Angelina                             Erin
    Ava  Lila
    Ava                               Lila
    Mr. Mathews' Division Super Stars  
    100% XTRA Math Division
    dom eva
    Dominique                                 Eva
                                           Angelina                          Victoria       Alexander


    Panther Pride






     Reading Goal: READ READ READ!

    (1 step =15 minutes of reading)


    Remember to read 30 minutes, 2 steps, each night!  










    * Website: www.pearsonrealize.com

    * At the Pearson sign in page- click the box that says:

    Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Auto

    * Where it says choose your district- type and select:


    * Student log in:

    * Username/Login: Student ID #

    * Password: First name + grade level (example: Mark01)



    Pearson Math Game Center
















    Switlik is a BUCKET FILLING SCHOOL!!!!!

    Remember to be Bucket Fillers, not Bucket Dippers!



    bucket filler

    Switlik Elementary School is working towards a more caring and respectful environment. We are using the world acclaimed book by Carol McCloud, Have You Filled a Bucket Today- A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids in order to create a safer, kinder, more respectful school culture.  


    Please check out www.bucketfillers101.com