Welcome to 2nd Grade

    Contact Information: Please email me at lgerding@jacksonsd.org should you have any questions or concerns.

    Be Kind” – Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti!"

    Thank you all for a wonderful year! Best of luck in third grade and have a fantastic summer break! Come back to visit next year!


    Save the Date: Kindergarten Orientation will be on Tuesday, August 30th, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

    Summer Information

    Please see information below regarding Chromebook Procedures:

    All students returning to school in September will keep their district-issued Chromebook for the summer. This will be the same Chromebook your child will use next school year. Any students who will not be returning to Jackson in September should return their Chromebook and charger to the school by Friday, June 18th. Information and additional questions about the devices can be found on our district technology webpage: https://www.jacksonsd.org/domain/2623

    Summer Reading

    Here is a link from our librarian, Mrs. Brenner, with information for Summer Reading. https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/982

    Elementary Summer Work

    **Please go to the Switlik homepage. Click “Summer Assignments,” then “Elementary Summer Assignments” to find the links listed below. It will also be posted on my class page ** https://www.jacksonsd.org/Page/7466

    *RAZ Kids will remain available to students throughout the summer. Please continue to use the same login information.

    Below are the OPTIONAL reading assignments for each elementary grade. Students are encouraged to read FIVE BOOKS and complete the reading log.
    In September, our teachers will set aside time to discuss the books students have read.
    Please begin by reading the Summer Reading Letter below, which has information about where your student can access books and content. 

    *IXL and Xtra Math will remain available throughout the summer through July. 

    *At the end of the Envision Math Workbook (in your child’s backpack) there are “Stepping Up to Third Grade” lessons that are great practice for introducing third grade skills prior to the school year in the fall. 



    Please continue to bring water to school each day and wear a jacket appropriate for the colder weather, as we are constantly going in and out to get to places. Thank you!

    Welcome Back to School!


    Welcome to Second Grade!! My name is Miss Gerding and I am so excited to be your teacher this year. I can’t wait to meet everyone and get to know each one of my students. I am looking forward to having a great year of learning together! Please check our class page daily for updates. 

    *Please send in a note with your child if there are any changes to dismissal.

    *Please try to practice remembering Bus Numbers/Slot Numbers and Student ID numbers to help with logging into the chromebooks.


    No Nuts

    Please note that our classroom is a nut-free classroom. Students are permitted to bring items containing peanuts or nuts during lunch, but no snacks or food are allowed in the classroom. We are asking your assistance in providing all students with a safe and comfortable learning environment. Thank you for your cooperation. We also have allergies to gelatin, rye, pumpernickel, and pork in our class. 

    Please let me know as soon as possible if your child has any allergies to sanitizers.

    Let's Stay in Touch!


    Please join our class' Remind! I will be using it to provide daily updates, reminders, and announcements of important information. A paper with directions on how to join will be sent home the first week of school. It is free and easy to use! Once you join, be sure to still check our class page for additional information. Things are constantly changing so it is important we stay in communication with each other. 

    Special Area Schedule


    Will update schedule in the fall!






    Back to School Night

    back to school night

    Check back in the fall for the date and time! More details to follow.

    School Supplies

    School Supplies

    *All you will need to bring on the first day of school is a backpack, assigned Chromebook, and your lunch and water bottleOther basic school supplies will be provided so please do not stress about buying anything!

    *I will be providing a Switlik Elementary School Take Home Folder for students on the first day. This folder is to come back and forth with them to school each day. Please use this folder to send in important notes and return schoolwork. Students are welcome to use a special folder of their choice as long as it is labeled with one side "Keep at Home" and the other side "Bring Back to School."

    *Students will each have his/her own set of supplies (pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, etc.) and will not be sharing any items. 

    Note: Our classroom has air conditioning, but it can get pretty chilly after being in the room for some time. I recommend bringing in a sweatshirt each day to have just in case. 

    *Please label EVERYTHING coming into school. 

    Lunch/Water Bottles/Snack

    *Students have the option to bring in a bagged lunch, or receive a free lunch (choice of hot or cold)- this is available to ALL students! Please be sure to label student lunches/lunch boxes.

    *We are encouraging students to bring in a labeled water bottle each day. We will not have access to water fountains for safety reasons. Please no glass bottles!


    Google Computer Clipart - Chromebook Clipart , Free Transparent ...

    Chromebooks have been provided to each student for use at home and in school for the duration of the 2021-2022 school year. Please remember to bring your chromebook to school each day and charge it every night so it is accessible for in person learning experiences.

    Please review chromebooks protocol and expectations: Review Chromebook Expectations

    If you are having technology issues please fill out this survey: Parent Tech Support Form

    Tech Help

    Kids Using School Computer Clip Art - Kids Using School Computer Vector  Image | Clip art, School computers, Kids clipart

    The District Tech Tool Kit and Student/Parent Tutorials are available to help you with some common tech problems and document questions.

    Birthday Celebrations


    Birthdays may be celebrated during school hours in the APR (Cafeteria) during lunch. Outside/homemade treats MAY NOT be delivered to the school and there will be NO visitors this year in the building. Students may bring prepackaged store bought items in to celebrate, if they wish to do so. Please remember to have enough for all students in the class (23 students). We have allergies to peanuts, gelatin, rye, pumpernickel, and pork in our class. 

     School Initiatives

    Books and Pencil

    Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop

    Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop is a teaching method in which the goal is to teach students strategies for reading: comprehension, fluency, and decoding, and strategies for writing: elaboration, development, and punctuation. The workshop model allows teachers to differentiate and meet the needs of all their students.  Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop helps to foster a love of reading and writing and gives students chances to practice reading/writing strategies independently and with guidance through conferences. Reading for Stamina- school initiative which encourages students to read more and more each day to build their reading stamina by recording reading steps.


    Second Grade will continue to use Fundations, a phonics and word-study program to help build phonemic awareness and provide the foundation for reading and spelling. It is a research-based, multisensory, and structured language program. It provides systematic and explicit instruction using materials and strategies essential to a comprehensive reading, spelling, and handwriting program. Fundations makes learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for life-long literacy. Students receive a systematic program in critical foundational skills, emphasizing:

    Phonemic awareness

    Phonics/ word study

    High frequency word study

    Reading fluency


    Comprehension strategies 



    EnVision Math 2.0

    This is our math program which helps build students' fluency and automaticity with addition and subtraction in Grade 2. Students are taught a variety of strategies to encourage problem solving and computational skills. Other topics covered include working with equal groups- to introduce concepts like multiplying and dividing, time, money, data, graphing, shapes and their attributes, and measurement.

    Here is a link to access online: https://www.pearsonrealize.com/index.html#/


    Please use this custom domain to sign in to your IXL account

    Bucket Filling

    bucket filling

    Please encourage your child to be a Bucket filler at home and at school! A bucket filler is kind, respectful, and caring! Actions or words that show that you care about someone. Saying or doing something kind. Giving someone a heartfelt smile. Using names with respect. Helping without being asked. Giving sincere compliments. Showing respect to others. There are hundreds of wonderful ways to fill buckets. The language of bucket filling has become synonymous with being kind and thoughtful. Your bucket will be filled when, at the close of each day, you reflect on the ways in which you have filled buckets.

    Donations to Our Classroom

    Donations can be made anytime during the school year and we greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!






  • Important Information

    Save the Date:

    breakfast-clipart-healthy-snack-18 | Granada Preparatory School

    Snack Day: Will be updated in the fall!


    Last Day of School Day- Friday June 17

    Kindergarten Orientation - Gubser Elementary School

    Kindergarten Orientation: Tuesday, August 30th 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


    Switlik School Spirit Days: Check back in the fall for new dates!