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    Switlik chooses to “Be Kind” – Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti!"


    “Please note that our classroom is a nut-free classroom. Your child may bring in these items during lunch, but please do not send any tree nut or peanut containing products to your child’s classroom during classroom celebrations or as a snack each day. We are asking your assistance in providing these students with a safe learning environment. Thank you for your cooperation.”

    Please use the following links for lists of safe snacks:

    Contact Information
    Please contact me at lgerding@jacksonsd.org should you have any questions or concers.

    Please see the following message from Mrs. McKiernan about safety procedures for our building:


          Student Safety is always paramount at Switlik School. We are asking for help in allowing our staff to focus on our shared goal of keeping our children safe and focused on learning. We appreciate your continued support and collaboration with us in ensuring that all students are safe.

    ENTRANCE PROCEDURES: Valid Photo Identification is required each time you visit the school. We ask that you wait 20 minutes after student arrival to approach the building to be signed in for your visit. (Exceptions are made for scheduled appointments approved by your child’s principal/teacher/counselor.

    • All visitors will notify the receptionist using the buzzer by the visitor doors.
    • At the buzzer, all visitors are required to present their valid photo identification to the camera, state the purpose of their visit and/or specify with whom they have the appointment or which student they are picking up.
    • At the second set of doors, buzz again for access to reception.
    • This includes drop off and pick up for morning and aftercare

    Please do not hold the door open for others behind you​. We realize this feels awkward and against the rules of good manners, but it’s important that each visitor be acknowledged individually through the buzzer system.

    • If the appointment and/or purpose is verified, the visitor will be buzzed in and must present themselves to the receptionists immediately upon entry.
    • The visitor’s ID will be held until the visitor leaves the building and the visitor will receive a guest badge. This procedure helps us to know that the visitor has departed by ensuring they leave the same way they arrived.
    • Please limit “dropped off” items to only those items your child truly needs during the school day (e.g. necessary clothing changes, important schoolwork or lunch/items that are required for that day). Using the buzzer by the visiting door, inform the receptionists these items are on the cart outside the visitor door.

    ARRIVAL PROCEDURES:  Please be advised at no time should any vehicle be entering or exiting through our bus ramp during arrival or dismissal times. Please review and adhere to the following:

    Arrival Time: 8:50-9:05 a.m.  We will not have staff on duty before this time.

    • No child should be left off at the school without a staff member in attendance.
    • Morning arrival for children is located at the back of the building (gym vestibule entrance).
    • Parents who choose the “Kiss and Drop” loop should adhere to the following safety procedures:
      • Stay in the right lane along the curb, pull up to the red line:
        • Pull up to the gym vestibule entrance doors to drop off your child.
        • Parents are to remain in their vehicles at all times.
        • Students must exit from the passenger side door.
        • Parents will not be permitted to enter the building during drop off arrival time.
        • Do not pass other vehicles while children are exiting from vehicle, this can create a dangerous situation.

    After 9:05 a.m., the start of the school day, parents dropping off their children must park in the main parking lot and escort them inside to the main office receptionist desk in order to sign them in.  At this time, children are considered late. Valid Photo Identification is required each time you visit the school.

    No child is to be dropped off at the main entrance without a parent/ guardian signing them in.

    Parent Pick Up:

    • Doors at the back of the building (gym vestibule entrance) for parent pick up will open at 3:05 p.m.
    • Present your valid photo identification to the receptionists prior to signing your child out.
    • Follow instructions of receptionists as to where to stand while waiting for your child to arrive.
    • Please do not park in the bus lane during this time.

    Child Care:

    • Parents wishing to pick their students up from childcare may begin to do so at 3:15 p.m. We ask that parents wait until dismissal is complete before signing out childcare students.

    EARLY DISMISSAL: will conclude at 2:45 p.m.  Any parent who wishes to sign out their child after 2:45 p.m. will wait until dismissal at 3:10 p.m. Please refer to the Switlik School Handbook.

    If you will be picking your child up early, we prefer you notify the school as early in advance as you can, but at least by the morning of pick up. This can be done through a note sent in with the child, or an email to the teacher and principal. In the event of a true emergency, please contact the school reception desk by phone (732) 833-4650 extension 4135, prior to arrival if possible. We realize there are often instances where early pick-up is necessary (medical or other appointments), but we respectfully ask that you limit early sign-outs to only times when they  are necessary. 


    Updates Week of 1/21/20:

    Happy New Year!

    School Store: Students can shop at the school store during their lunch period the second Wednesday of every month. We will be visiting again in February!


    Six Flags Reading Logs: Read to succeed is a free program that allows students in grades K-6 to earn tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure just by reading six hours for fun. Here is how your child can earn a free ticket to Six Flags:

    1. Register this fall using this link: 
      1. Visit sixflags.com/books
      2. Use Miss Gerding's code: RZYPH
    2. Your child may read any books they choose.
    3. Keep track of your child's reading using the form sent home in school.
    4. Record your child's reading at our website.
    5. Receive a free Six Flags Great Adventure ticket from Miss Gerding in May!

    Students can optionally earn bonus awards by reading more than six hours such as discounts on additional tickets for family members, Season Passes, or Memberships. 

    Please DO NOT return this sheet to your child's teacher. Log your child's reading using the link above.

    Any additional questions regarding this can be directed towards our wonderful librarian, Ms. Lori Palme!



    • Topic 8-4 WS- Tuesday 1/21 
    • Topic 8-5 WS- Wednesday 1/22
    • Topic 8-6 WS- Thursday 1/23
    • Topic 8-7 WS- Friday 1/24 (no homework)
    • Students are strongly encouraged to practice their fast facts for addition and subtraction daily. Xtra Math, flashcards, or worksheets are great ways to increase fluency and accuracy.


    • Recommended Read and Log (RAL), Reading Logs found in Reading Folder.
      • Remember 1 "step" is equal to 15 minutes of reading time. If your student reads for 30 minutes, that would be 2 steps, 45 minutes would be 3 steps, etc. 
    • Recommended look over of Power Words (sight words) found in envelope in Reading Folder.
      • Next 8 power words will be coming home the week of 1/13-Week 13 and 1/21- Week 14
    • Power Words Weeks 13 and 14 
      • ready, free, show, build, draw, state, kind, circle
      • large, doing, family, clothes, hand, different, rivermight


    Unit 4

    • We will be starting Unit 4 this week. We will be reviewing suffixes -s, -es, -ed, -ing. We will learn that -ed might sound like /ed/ as in rented, /d/ as in banged, or /t/ as in fished. We will also work on the new suffix endings of -er and -est. We will discuss the comparison endings long, longer, and longest.
    • New sounds for this unit:
      • oa says /o/ as in boat
      • oe says /o/ as in toe
      • ow says /o/ as in snow
      • ow says /ou/ as in plow
      • ou says /ou/ as in  trout
      • ou says /u/ as in soup
      • oo says /u/ as in school
      • oo says /u/ as in book
      • ue says /u/ as in  blue
      • ue says /u/ as in rescue
      • ew says /u/ as in chew
    • Week 1- Base word and suffixes (-s, -es, -er, -est), vowel teams (oa, oe, ow)

      Trick Words: again, please, animal 

    • Week 2- Additional suffixes (-ed), vowel teams (ou, oo, ue, ew)

      Trick Words: sure, use, used

    January Birthdays:

    • Happy Birthday Lyric on January 21st!


    Welcome back!

    Dear Families and Second Graders,

    Welcome to second grade!! My name is Miss Gerding and I am so excited to be your child’s teacher this year. I can’t wait to meet everyone and get to know each one of my students! I hope you are enjoying your last few days of summer. I am looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Our Back to School Night will be Tuesday, September 17th at 7pm. If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact me at lgerding@jacksonsd.org, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Here are some things to help get ready for the first few days:

    School Supplies

    • All you will need to bring on the first day of school is a backpack and your lunch/lunch money.
    • Other basic school supplies will be provided so please do not stress about buying anything!
      • This includes planners, pencil boxes, crayons, pencils, erasers, classwork/take home/writing folders, and a marble notebook.
      • Markers, colored pencils, scissors and glue sticks will be provided to the students in caddies which will be at each group for students to share.
      • I recommend keeping extra supplies at home as students may need it to complete their homework.
    • Please bring in an old t-shirt to be used during art class as soon as possible. If possible, please be sure to write your child’s name on the shirt and keep it in a ziploc bag.
    • Note: Our classroom has air conditioning, but it can get pretty chilly after being in the room for some time. I recommend bringing in a sweatshirt each day to have just in case.


    Homework and Notes

    • Take home folders (green folders) will be sent home daily. Please check to see what should be left at home and what needs to be brought back to school. There will be labels on each side of your child’s folder to help indicate this.
      • Homework will be sent home in Take Home Folders and must return to school the next day!
    • Your child’s homework will be written in their planner every night. If necessary, I may communicate with you through a note in the planner so please check those every day.
    • If there is any important information you have to pass on to me, especially regarding any changes in dismissal, please send your child in with a note in their green Take Home Folders.



    “Please note that our classroom is a nut-free classroom. Your child may bring in these items during lunch, but please do not send any tree nut or peanut containing products to your child’s classroom during classroom celebrations or as a snack each day. We are asking your assistance in providing these students with a safe learning environment. Thank you for your cooperation.”


    Specials Schedule

    • Monday: Music
    • Tuesday: Gym
    • Wednesday: Library/Media
    • Thursday: Art
    • Friday: Computers



    • Our lunch time is 12:15-12:45. We will be having snack each day either in the morning or the afternoon, depending on the schedule.
      • Snack Time: We will have a brief snack during the day (schedule permitting). You may send your student in one healthy snack to have during this time. Please no candy or junk. Snacks may include a drink. Please be mindful of food allergies when packing snacks. We cannot have any nut products in our room. 
    • Our recess time is 12:50-1:10. Students are required to wear sneakers in order to play on the equipment. We will be going outside everyday weather permitting.
      • For indoor recess, I have several fun games for the students to use including match games, board games, coloring books, puzzles, etc.


    School Initiatives

    • We will be using the Reader's and Writer's Workshop models to help improve our literacy skills!
    • Skillstreaming skills we will be working on throughout the year: Listening, Following Directions, Ignoring Distractions, Using Self-Control, Problem-Solving
    • This year second grade will start Fundations, a new phonics and word-study program to help build phonemic awareness and provide the foundation for reading and spelling.


    Bucket Filling

    Bucket Fillers

    Please encourage your child to be a Bucket filler at home and at school! A bucket filler is kind, respectful, and caring!


    Donations to Our Classroom

    Donations can be made anytime during the school year and we greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!

    • Unwanted puzzles, games, toys, books, or craft supplies for indoor recess
    • Tissues
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Baby wipes
    • Lysol wipes
    • Paper towels
    • Velcro
    • Anything else you think we may need in our classs!