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    For your "Homework Survival Kit"
    These items will be kept at home to help your child complete their homework.
    PLEASE do not send any of these to school.




    glue/glue sticks

    During the course of the year, I may ask for specific items that we will share with the class.

    Please look below for any items on my wish list!

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    Lysol Wipes

    Baby Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer

    Paper Towels

    Prizes for the Prize Box

    Zip Loc Bags (all sizes)

    Paper bowls/plates



    Target Dollar Spot Items- this area is a teachers DREAM and has LOTS of fun things for the kids for the classroom (mini erasers, stickers, dramatic play items)... anything that is kid friendly!

    Creation Stations Items

    anything the kids can use during indoor recess in the arts and crafts area

    any kind of arts and crafts scraps... NOTHING THAT IS BOUGHT!

    tissue paper

    paper towel rolls

    popsicle sticks/tongue depressors



    pipe cleaners



    If you have anything at home that you think we could use in our classroom, just let me know... Things like old games, supplies, etc... We will gladly take them off your hands!