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    Our units we will be covering this year are:

    Unit 1: Building Good Reading Habits/Word Detectives

    Unit 2: Learning About the World-NonFiction

    Unit 3: Readers Have Big Jobs To Do

    Unit 4: Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons


    In Reader's Workshop, students will be busy reading daily and learning the different skills and strategies necessary to become super strong readers! 



    Remember our reading strategies!!!

    Reading Habits

    Good Habits





    Remember to always pick "good- fit" books to read!  It is easy to do:


    I PICK

    I - choose a book

    Purpose-  Why do I want to read it?

    Interest- Am I interested in it?

    Comprehend- Am I understanding what I am reading?

    Know- I know most of the words


     Please remeber to read everynight! 


    Many Parents Ask:
    How can I help my child become a better reader?
    Continue to read to him every day and expose him to the language of books. Have him read to you.  If he makes a mistake, simply tell him the correct word and let him move on. This increases enjoyment and fluency.
    To increase comprehension, talk about the story after you've read it.