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March 30, 2020 Remote Learning - Preparing for Phase 2

As we continue on this journey together….

Working together as a TEAM!


Right now, don't worry about your child regressing in school. Every single kid in the USA is in this boat and they all will be OK! When we get back to the classroom, we will meet them where they are and go from there. At the end of all of this, your child's mental health will be more important than their academic skills. And how they felt at this time will stay with them long after the memory of these weeks is long gone. So, keep that in mind every single day! Ms. Jennifer Malcolm ~ Switlik Teacher 2020

Preparing for Phase II of our Remote Learning Plans Beginning March 30

Dear Switlik Families,

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU for your partnership! I have used that phrase hundreds of times over the years, but it has never meant more to me than it does right now. You are all awesome! Your children and I appreciate your efforts to support us through this new at-home learning process.” Ms. Nancy Knigge ~ Switlik Teacher 

As we continue to work in partnership of remote learning, let’s all remember the things that are most precious to us the Switlik way~ Family first! As we proceed to embark on this new academic journey of remote learning, the Switlik Family/Community continues to be stronger, more connected and more unified than ever!

While our students were working this week through the first phase of our Remote Learning Plans, our staff was busily preparing for Phase II, which will begin Monday, March 30 and take us through until Spring Break begins on Thursday, April 9. Spring Break will continue as scheduled from Thursday, April 9 to Sunday, April 19. We will not be posting assignments during Spring Break and we hope all of our families and staff take some time to rest and recharge.

Phase II Remote Learning Plans we be posted and available to parents on your child’s teacher class page on Monday, March 30th. Our Phase II Plans will feature a more interactive, assignment-based model using teachers’ Class Pages, Google Classroom and learning videos. They will be geared toward advancing instruction and presenting new material in keeping with our curriculum. Your child’s teacher remains available for questions and support. The best way to reach staff is through email. Additional resources can be found on the Switlik website and your child’s teacher class page. Ask your child what special do they have today? Visit our Special Area Teaches’ class pages (Art, Computers, Gym, Library, Music, and World Language- Unified Arts) for lessons and activities to do remotely. Teachers/Staff are remaining positive and working hard to make this all happen. Parents, you continue to do a fantastic job juggling working from home and remote learning.

Report Cards: Please be sure you are ready to access your child’s report card on the district portal website. Report cards will be available on the portal to parents on April 2nd. Also, please remember that if your Portal log-in does not work, please try the “Forgot My Password” link above BEFORE contacting support, as most issues will be resolved through that feature. Please note that the “Forgot Password” link will work only with parents who have an e-mail as their login ID. For questions or problems with your login ID’s or password (or if you do not have them), please send an email to and include your name and phone number, as well as your child’s name, school, grade, student ID number and the problem you are experiencing and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

~Making Connections~

A big shout out to our…..

Jackson Administrative Team for their strong leadership, commitment and their frequent communications as they lead us through this uncharted territory of Remote Learning. It is comforting to know that your child’s safety, academics, and social and emotional well being is their top priority!  If you haven’t seen them already, please take a moment to visit the JTV YouTube Channel to view different videos being produced by our staff and students within the district.

Switlik Staff -Mrs. Jones, Mr. Autenrieth and the many hands behind the scenes for creating our staff slide show. If you haven’t already done so, please visit our Switlik Webpage ~ How many Switlik Teachers can you identify? Take the Switlik staff photo Trivia Challenge.

Parent Teacher Network (PTN) rallied together in support of our Social Emotional Learning district initiative with “Virtual Spirit Weeks”


Mindfulness ~ “Now more than ever, we need to carve out time

to ground and center ourselves. One way to do

that is to make time for yourself during the day,

the morning tends to work best for most. Sit

quietly in a favorite spot with devices put away.

Close your eyes and begin taking deep nose to

belly breaths. While taking deep breaths, you

can – set the intention for the day and think of

things you are grateful for. You can also recite

affirmations to yourself.

I hope this helps you.” Mrs. Erin Pearsall ~ Switlik Teacher


Ms. Pagano-Hein and I are available to assist and answer all of your concerns as well. We monitor our emails on a daily basis. 

Stay safe and stay well.  I will continue to communicate with you as we continue to work through this as a Switlik learning community.


Remember - we’ll get through this together......... We Are Switlik!


Kathleen McKiernan