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Enjoy Your Summer!

Dear Switlik Families,

As the school year ends, you begin your summer, enjoy time with your families, and remember to reflect on the important things life has to offer… I know that there are many successes and accomplishments that our teachers and students have to reflect upon and celebrate.  I am thankful that I work with such a talented, dedicated and enthusiastic group of educators who always has the best interest of “our children” as their top priority!

We say good bye to our fifth grade students. “Switlik Elementary School is a community of friends. Our school has provided us with a very special, shared experience that is truly unique. I hope that they will carry this experience with them wherever they go, and that they will use their memories of their time here to inspire them as they take their next step! Many new and exciting opportunities await them at the Goetz Middle School.


Thank you to our phenomenal Parent Teacher Network; our extraordinary parents, guardians, grandparents and community members for their endless generosity, support and dedication to the all the children in the Switlik community!  

On behalf of the Switlik Staff, we wish all of you a happy, healthy and safe summer. We look forward to seeing everyone in September! School starts September 6, 2016.


Kathleen McKiernan, Principal