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    • Be sure to check and empty your child's take home folder every day. 
    • Read with your child and practice addition and subtraction math facts to 20 each day. 
    • Be sure your child charges their school issued chromebook and brings it to school each day.   
    • If there are any child care/dismissal changes, send in a note that day. * Do not email me about dismissal changes.
    • Review and practice any papers, skills or strategies that are sent home.
    • Be sure to join our Google Classroom and check there daily as it will be our main form of communication. 
    • My email:  glshroyer@jacksonsd.org

    If you would ever like to donate items to our classroom, please see the list below:


    ~Baby wipes

    ~Gallon size zip lock baggies

    ~Tissues, paper towels

    ~ Chalk!

    ~Water Bottles

    ~ Gently used toys, books or puzzles

    Thank you!!

    You can help your child to be a strong reader.

    THANK YOU for taking time to read with your child every day.  Research shows that children, who read or are read to daily, are the ones that improve in their reading skills and become strong readers and learners!

    Talk to your child about the books you read. Ask:

    1. Who are the main characters in your book?

    2. What is the setting of your book?

    3. What is the author’s purpose for writing your book? (Think: Persuade, Inform, Entertain) How do you know?

    4. What is the main idea of your book?

    5. Is your story fiction or non-fiction and why? 

    Strategies to use when you come to a word you don’t know:

    Use context clues (clues from the pictures and text)

    Go back and reread

    Look at the beginning and ending sounds

    Look carefully at the words

    Recall basic sight words (flashcards are helpful)

    Chunk the word into smaller segments

    Use your finger to slide the chunks together



    Our Specials:

    Monday- library
    Tuesday- music
    Wednesday- gym 
    Thursday- computers
    Friday- art


    heart flowers

    Please encourage your child to show kindness, respect and appreciation for others!

    Keep track of your bucket filling by using:
    a calendar to record how you filled someone's bucket, a bucket and place stones inside to keep track or a journal to write about what you did!