• allergies Please be mindful of students with allergies. We are a peanut/nut free classroom. Please keep in mind if you eat a breakfast containing these ingredients it would be helpful to wash your hands thoroughly before getting to school. If your child is allergic to nuts and not required to sit at the nut free table during lunch, please be sure to send in a note.



    6/6 Class Trip (Be sure to arrive on time at 8am as the busses leave at 8:15am. Also, bring a bagged lunch-no glass bottles-no cell phones).

    6/11 GAME DAY! Bring a towel to sit on, lots of extra water/drinks, and a few snacks. Be sure to apply sunscreen/bug spray at home if you wish. You may wear a hat, but sunglasses are not allowed.  PIZZA LUNCH IS SERVED ON BEHALF OF THE PTN :) 

    6/14 Moving Up Ceremony (If you are being signed out by someone other than a parent/guardian then you must provide a note from both parties. Upon return to the classroom there will be a treat and some photo opportunities. If you're leaving then parents/guardians will need to sign out via the proper sheet so all students can be accounted for.)

    6/20 LAST DAY YA'LL!



    Game Day Letter (see below)


    May, 2019

    Dear Switlik Families, 

    As our Game Days are quickly approaching, I would like to outline some guidelines to make each day safe, efficient and fun for all. 

    • Only parents who have signed up through their child’s classroom teacher to assist in Game Day activities will be permitted to participate in the day.
    • All parents must sign in with our receptionists located in the main entrance of our building. It is district policy that a photo identification is presented to our reception area each and every time you enter our school.  Absolutely no one will be permitted to participate unless they are signed in with proper identification, their Game Day pass, and will then be presented with their visitor’s badge.  Your badge must be on you at all times while you are on school grounds.
    • For safety reasons, siblings are not permitted to attend Game Day this includes high school students as well.
    • Game Day T-Shirts are to remain “intact” for Game Day. T-Shirts should not be cut or embellished.
    • Game Day will end promptly at 1:00 p.m., at which time your child will have their lunch.
    • We discourage you from signing your child out after Game Day, as it will count as a half-day absence. There will be instructional time for the remainder of that day.


    Game Day Schedule – Weather Permitting (dates are subject to change):


    Monday, June 3                                   Kindergarten

    Tuesday, June 4                                   Grade 1

    Wednesday, June 5                  Grade 2

    Thursday, June 6                     Grade 3

    Monday, June 10                     Grade 4

    Tuesday, June 11                     Grade 5

     The PTN will be providing a free pizza lunch from a local pizzeria for all students in Grades K-5 on the day of their Game Day.  Each student will be given two slices of pizza and a bottle of water compliments of the PTN.  The PTN hopes that this adds to the fun and excitement of the Game Day experience!    If your child(ren) does not wish to participate, they may either purchase lunch in the cafeteria or bring in lunch from home.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    Kathleen McKiernan

    Kathleen McKiernan


    Game Day Lunch Announcement (See below)

    The PTN is happy to announce that it will be providing a free pizza lunch from a local pizzeria for all students on the day their grade participates in Game Day.


    Each student will be given 2 slices of pizza and a bottle of water at no charge.  If your child(ren) does not wish to participate, (s)he can either purchase lunch form the cafeteria or bring in a lunch from home as usual.


    The PTN hopes that this adds to the fun and excitement of the Game Day experience.


    Your child’s COMPLIMENTARY GAME DAY SHIRT has been sent home.  Please have your child(ren) wear his/her shirt on their grade level’s Game Day. *T-shirts should remain in-tact and should not be cut or embellished.


    Great article for parents to help struggling readers


    Please be sure to continue reading and logging every night. Talk with someone about what you read and be sure to stop and jot frequently!


    Jackson School District Budget and Financial Information


    2019 Budget Overview: Click to see what you can do to help advocate for our children!


    Join Remind for important announcements below!

    Join Mrs. Levine's Remind




    Please check the schedule below for our lunch and specials for the week. Always refer to my class page, the planner, and Remind App for important notices and upcoming events.

    Our Weekly Schedule :   Lunch -12:15

    Monday - Music

    Tuesday - Computers

    Wednesday - Gym

    Thursday - Art

    Friday - World Language



    ** If you have a nut allergy you must bring in a note from a parent on the first day of school stating you do not have to sit at the nut free lunch table.**

    It is highly recommended that ALL STUDENTS read nightly! In order to show growth and continued progress students must be practicing at home. C'mon, don't you want that GOLDEN BOOK AWARD? 


    "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -Helen Keller
    "Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners." -Laurence Sterne  
    Keep saving your box tops! Box tops=$$$ for our school     


    Welcome to 5th Grade!

    Please come to class within the first week prepared with a pencil and eraser. Some suggested materials are as follows: 3 composition marble notebooks (1 should be a hard cardboard cover as we will decorate it for Writer's workshop and Mod Podge), two 2 pocket folders (1 to bring home important papers, homework dittos, graded assignments, and any information necessary to be sent home) and (1 for your reading log and reader's workshop handouts), a zippered soft pencil case (that will fit in the desk), highlighters, pens, post-its, a gallon ziplock bag, and 2 books on-level. If you're unable to gather these materials please let me know and I will be happy to assist.**** Parent/Guardians please check their folder and planner every night and send it back with them for the next day. The students are required to write their homework in their planner everyday and get it signed every night until I begin to phase it out, to foster independence for middle school.****The planner can also be used as a way to contact me and make sure we are doing our very best to work as a team to help your child reach their fullest potential. 

    Homework: Please show your child that homework is extremely important. Make it a priority; provide necessary supplies and a quiet work environment. It is a valuable aid in helping students to reinforce what is learned in the classroom and make the most of their learning experience. Set aside a daily homework time and provide praise and support. If I can offer any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Classroom supplies are always appreciated, such as tissues, baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and pencils/erasers.

    Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to collaborating with you to make 5th grade a wonderful experience for your child. 


    Mrs. Levine



    I WILL BE CHECKING READING LOGS WEEKLY! In my experience you should be reading 20 steps or more per week to show optimal growth this year! If you choose not to read over the weekend, then you should be sure to complete your reading during the week. So be sure to log all the steps you read to receive proper credit for all your hard work!



    Bucket Filler

    BE A BUCKET FILLER, NOT A BUCKET DIPPER!!!!  Have you been a bucket filler today? You can be a bucket filler in many different ways... By trying your best in school, giving respect to all your peers and adults, helping someone in need, and treating others the way you want to be treated.




    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Computers

    Wednesday: Gym (Be sure to wear your sneakers)

    Thursday: Art

    Friday: World Language


    I believe that the class benefits from a mid-morning snack to help the students maintain their focus during lessons.  Since we will be working through snack, I ask that you limit the snack to one healthy food item per day.  (Some examples: one piece of fruit, carrot sticks, pretzels, crackers, yogurt, etc. (if snack requires a utensil please be sure to send one in with your child). Thank you for your cooperation!

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