CLASS OF 1979








    Helene Connell began her spectacular sports career at JMHS in 1973.  She excelled in both track & field, and basketball. 

    Due to her diligence and dedication Helene achieved several honorable awards.  She was a two-year member of the high school All Shore track & field team for discus, and a one-year member of the high school All Shore basketball team.  Helene was a two time high school state sectional champion in discus and shot put, a two time state all around champion in discus and shot put, a junior Olympic champion in discus, a two time junior national champion in discus, a high school All American in discus, ranked #1 in the nation in discus for high school girls, and was ranked #2 in the world among 16 year olds for discus. 

    An outstanding sports career was highlighted by Helene’s participation in the 1980 Olympic trials, at which she earned a berth on the U.S. Olympic team for discus.  Due to the U.S. boycott of the Olympics during that year, Helene was unable to achieve one of her greatest goals.  Helene was later named to the All Century Team for discus.