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    Welcome to 6th Grade

    Social Studies


    Good Morning everyone! Hope you all are doing well!!! This week, and going forward, I will be asking you a DAILY question that you will have to answer for me to take attendance. You MUST answer the question at some point during that day to be counted as present! In addition, I posted this week's assignment which is due on Thursday. Friday will be a day where you can "catch up" on ALL your assignments from ANY class. PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY AND START WORKING ON YOUR SLIDESHOW ASAP!!!!



    Hello, everyone!!!! Hope you had a wonderful Spring Break and Easter vacation. Please go onto my google classroom and begin completing this week's assignment. This assignment needs to be completed everyday and submitted to get a daily homework grade. Please READ the instructions carefully and complete the assignments! Continue to send questions and check in on Hangouts to stay updated on class assignments. 


    Hope everyone is doing well!!!!! Unfortunately, it looks like we are not returning to school before the end of the 3rd Marking Period, which is Tuesday April 7th. Therefore, I created an assignment on Google Classroom where you can submit your Personal Timeline project, which was assigned before we left school. Please attach your Project to this assignment, even if you have sent it to me in an earlier email. Thank you!!!

    Dear Students, I am going to try and set up Google Classroom Hangout sessions for each of my classes starting on Monday 3/30/20 to discuss the next assignment for the upcoming weeks. Please log into the Google Hangout session during the time your class is scheduled. I will be able to explain and answer any questions you may have regarding the next assignment during these sessions. Please make every effort to join the class so we can 'RECONNECT" together as a group. Stay tuned for more information to come!!!!!!!  Meet me in Google Hangouts to get your individual topic for this assignment

     Google Hangout Sessions. begining Monday (3/31/20) and every Friday  Click onto the link in Google Classroom

    Period 1-2    8:30 - 9:00am

    Period 2-3    9:30 - 10:00am

    Period 5-6   10:30 - 11:00am

    Period 7-8   12:15 - 12:45pm


    Dear Parents and students, I will be available for questions on the Remote Learning assignment that is posted on my Google Classroom between 8am to 3pm Mon-Fri. The assignments were discussed and explained to the students on Friday 3/13/20. There are 3 total assignments in the Remote Learning assignment. The first two (Early Man's Migration Timeline and worksheet) are due Friday 3/20/20. The third assignment (Family Migration Presentation) is due Friday 3/27/20, ALSO YOU ARE TO  continue working on your Timeline project which was already assigned. This project is due when we return to school. The Timeline project will graded as a Test grade!!!!! The remote Learning assignments will be graded as homework assignments. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR WORK AND BE SAFE AT HOME!!!!!  (Check the student resource section to access the textbook in order to help you complete your assignments. 


    This World History course is a journey through history beginning with Early Humans and Civilizations, and ending in the Ancient Roman World. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a historical background of early civilizations. Students acquire the understanding and knowledge of ancient cultures and their contributions to society. The students critically examine these historical developments and connect them to current events. 

    We are currently working on ancient Mesopotamia and their many contributions to our development as a society. Please check your child's planner to make sure they are up to date with their assignments and any notes from the teachers.  

Final Exam Vocabulary Definitions Key

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