• Hello Parents/Guardians and Students:  Please scroll down as I will continue to make updates on here as well as to our Google Classroom pages.  I continue to add important information on this Welcome page.  Take a look below! 

    3/30:  On the left side, open the class folder to get your new assignment for the second phase of remote learning. For more details please visit Google Classroom. Please submit your First phase of remote learning assignments. 

    Update 3/28: Easy way to use your cellphone to submit work through Google Classroom...here is the link:  https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/NjE5NTI2NjA2MzFa


     Update 3/28:  Here is a link to a Tech Toolkit put together by Ms. Salemi.  https://sites.google.com/jacksonsd.org/techtoolkit/


    UPDATE 3/26/2020:  As we come to the end of the second week of Remote Learning, I would like to remind my health classes to finish their food/water/stretching logs. Team Building class needs to complete a summary about their activity they were working on.  Ms. Strizki's class should complete the fitness log. For PE/Health I have begun putting in grades for these assignments as I broke up it up into two homework assignments (week 1 and week 2).   For those that used the google doc I shared with you, please turn in your finished work with me using Google Classroom Classwork.  If you printed it and filled it out or if you were given the packets because lack of internet, I encourage you to email them to me as soon as possible.  If you have use of an Iphone, you can scan your assignment.  Here is how:


     As we continue Remote Learning on Monday, March 30th, please log into your Google Classroom on Monday to retrieve your assignment.  For now, work on getting me your week 1 & 2 assignment.  


    Any Questions..... email me at VHay@jacksonsd.org

    follow my PE Twitter page:  Mrs. Hay at CMMS @JSD_Mrs_Hay

    and the Vintage Shoppe @jds_VintageShop


  • Below is my schedule for the day based upon the A/B schedule.

    A Day:


    1-2A:  6TH-8TH  PDD- Ms. Strizki's class

    2b-3:  6th grade

    5b-6:  1st semester- IMC/Vintage Shoppe; 2nd semester- Team Building

    7b-8: 7th grade


    B days:


    1-2A:  6th-8th  PDD- Ms. Strizki's class

    4-5a: 6th grade

    5b-6: IMC/Vintage Shoppe

    7b-8: 6th grade

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