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    MAY 26 - MAY 29

    You will need to read ALL of Chapter 9 (NINE) pages 260-283 to complete this assignment
    Create a slideshow to demonstrate your understanding of Chapter 9: The Greek World. THE ENTIRE CHAPTER
    You MUST begin your slide show by clicking “Create” here.
    Your slideshow MUST contain five (5) to ten (10) slides.
    You will receive a participation grade for the first five (5) slides and a test grade for the entire slideshow.
    A slideshow that contains the minimum five (5) slides will earn a maximum grade of 85%. A slideshow with six (6) to ten (10) slides has the potential to earn up to 100%.
    Each slide must contain a minimum of two (2) facts a picture that reflects at least one of your chosen facts.
    Reading Checks from each lesson MUST be included in your work. Include page numbers and answer in a complete sentence, restating the question.
    ALL slides must be part of ONE slideshow.
    You may change or improve slides after you have received your daily grade.

    Stay Healthy

    Social Studies
    Room 213 - Ms. Ellenport


    "All we have to do is peel the shrines like an onion, and we will be with the king himself." - Howard Carter

    This year we will be exploring Ancient Civilizations. 
    Including Egypt, China, Greece and  many more!


    "Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says 'I'm possible!'" - Audrey Hepburn

  •           SEMESTER 1                                         SEMESTER 2

    Period 1/2A SS "A" Class                   Period 1/2A SS "A" Class

    Period 2B/3 SS "B" Class                   Period 2B/3 SS "B" Class

    Period 5/6A SS "C" Class                   Period 6/7A SS "C" Class

About Teacher

Ms. Sheri Ellenport



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Sheri Ellenport


My name is Sheri Ellenport. I have been teaching 6th Grade Social Studies at Goetz Middle School for over twenty years!  Throughout the years I have also taught 7th Grade Social Studies as well as 6th Grade Literacy.

I look forward to getting to know you and traveling through ancient times together!

  • Links to My Classrooms:

    "A" Class (per. 1/2A)    

    "B" Class (per. 2B/3)

    "C" Class (per. 6/7A)    

    HR 213

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  • Weekly Video Calls: Mondays & Thursdays

    A Class   1:00 PM

    B Class   9:30 AM

    C Class  11:30 AM

    HR 213  1:30 PM

    During Remote Learning, I will be holding twice-weekly video chats through Google Hangouts. These times will coincide with our regular classtime on a shortened-day schedule so they will not conflict with any other classes. These chats will be opportunities to go into more detailed questions and answers, walk students (and parents) through the technology aspect of our lessons, and just to check in and say hello!

    Every Monday and Thursday morning, I will post the link to the video chat for each class in each Google Classroom.

    Video chats will be opportunities for students to get some "face-to-face" instruction and will last 15-30 minutes, they will NOT be used as an attendance record.


    Students and parents we are pleased to be able to use technology (Google Hangouts Meet) to stay connected during Remote Learning.  Please remember that all the Acceptable Use for Technology expectations you signed remain in place, as do our Code of Conduct expectations.  We will be able to continue to communicate as long as everyone remembers these expectations.  
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    Homeroom 213:                       pz6ba6y

    Blue(A) class (period 2/3a):   cim24tk

    Red(B) class (period 4b/5):    6r32ycn

    Green(C) class (period 6b/7): i233lku

    Please complete or attach all assignments to Google Classroom. This will ensure that all assignments will be marked in a timely manner. Thank you!


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