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             McGraw-Hill SRA FLEX Literacy!                                                        


     SRA FLEX Literacy is built on a research-based instructional model to reach students at various reading levels.  The program consists of a Digital Experience and a Print Experience.  The Digital Experience is comprised of an independent 25-minute experience where students work at their specified reading level. The Print Experience is the teacher-led instructional component of this highly effective program. 




  • Reading  

    Period 1/2 Room 8/9 Grade 6

    Period 4/5 Room 8/9 Grades 7 & 8

    Periods 7/8 Room 8/9 Grade 6






Laura Polson



Degrees and Certifications:

Laura Polson

 I've been a Special Education teacher at the Carl W. Goetz Middle School for 25 years.  I am a very caring and dedicated teacher.  My students are my top priority. I do everything possible to make them successful in the classroom each and every day.

6th-8th Grade

Room 8/9

SRA FLEX Literacy