• victoriasalemi


    8th Grade Video Tech

    Students will learn the processes of filming and editing video. Adobe Premiere Pro CC15 and iMac computers will be used in conjunction with the techniques taught in this class to edit our three projects.

    • Utilize the skills/techniques learned in Video Tech, along with video editing software, to produce high quality video productions.

    • Learn scriptwriting and storyboarding skills

    • Develop creative thinking skills through collaboration.

    • Become proficient when working with Adobe Premiere CS6

    • Demonstrate proper shot composition, use of cameras, and other equipment.

    Understand various editing techniques and how to use them to compose different types of video projects.


    Video Tech is designed to expose students to digital media with an emphasis on video production. It covers the production process from conceptualization to pre-production planning, video camera shooting, non-linear editing, and finalizing/distribution. Students will produce a music video project. The majority of class time is dedicated to editing our projects using Adobe Premier Pro.  Outside class time for filming is required.  Students will be provided cameras if they do not have a cellphone for video production.

    Critique, constructive criticism and honest feedback are an integral part of the class that fulfill a key core curriculum content standard.