V. Kunz

    Grade 8 Social Studies

    email:  vkunz@jacksonsd.org 


    Beginning December 7, 2020 we will transition to Synchronous Learning.  The list of guidelines and expectations for Social Studies class are as follows:

    • students are to log on to Google Classroom and join our Google Meet at their scheduled class time.  (This includes homeroom/advisory period)
    • attendance will be taken each day, during each class period
      • students logging on late will be marked tardy
      • students are expected to remain online for the duriation of the class period.
    • school dress code applies to remote learners as well as in-person learners
    • school appropriate conduct is expected at all times
    • utilize district chromebook only
    • students on remote are expected to participate in class


    Please contact me via email if you should have any questions or concerns:



      In Grade 8, students will learn United States History.  The time period covered in our 8th grade curriculum will be the American Revolution through the Civil War.  

    Students will be invited to join our Google Classroom when they arrive on day 1 in person.  We will meet on Google Classroom on alternate days.  Grades will be entered in portal often for parents and students to monitor progress.

    If there any any questions regarding assignments or grades, please feel free to reach out via email. (vkunz@jacksonsd.org)


     Thank you for your support during this synchronous learning time!







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