Remote Learning

    Mrs. Donna Schmidt
    Remote Learning Information

    1. Full remote learning begins on March 30, 2020

    2. I will be posting 2 documents here:

               - A general plan for March 30-April 8: This will include websites and links

               - A day-to-day schedule for each subject: Math, Literacy, and Social Studies

    3. I will be EMAILING specific daily assignments to parents and students each day:

                - Math Groups are by color: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue

                 - Literacy Groups are by letter: A, B, C

                 - Social Studies: There will be a country from around the world assigned to each student. One or two pages for the project will be attached to an email each day, along with options for how to complete each page.


    Here are some frequently used sites:

    kids.education.com  (Go to Guided Lessons)(Individual log-ins)             

    spellingcity.com (Individual log-ins)                   

    sumdog.com (Individual log-ins) 















  • Our Schedule

    We have changed to an A-B Day Schedule.

    Our schedule is as follows:


    Per. 1-2B: A-Day: Music/Chorus/Band

                    B-Day: Gym

    Per. 2B-3: Math

    Per. 4-5A: Science

    Per. 5B-6A: Unified Arts: Cooking MP1

    Per. 6B: Lunch

    Per. 7-8: Literacy