• big step Stepping into 8th grade literacy...

    Welcome to Team White!  As a respected and valued member of this distinguished team, expectations are high.   You are expected to bring maturity, a thirst for learning, your wonderful personality, a sense of gratitude, and an appreciation for your fellow team members to room 108 each day.  Together we will conquer the complex, but wonderful, language referred to as English.  The journey will be difficult at times, fun at times, provocative at times, even boring at times, but it will always be worthwhile.  To help you on your way, listed below are some more tangible tools you will need in addition to the ones listed above. 

    Needed Supplies- Please note that these supplies will be checked on Tuesday, September 10, and will count as a homework assignment.  If personal circumstances make it difficult to purchase these, please don't hesitate to speak with me after class BEFORE the due date so that I can assist you in gathering the needed supplies:

    1.  1.5 inch or larger binder

    2.  looseleaf paper

    3.  colorful pens (besides blue or black) for correcting

    4.  a marble composition book (please, no spiral notebooks)

    5.  3 dividers

    6.  pens and pencils

    *optional highlighter and pencil case

    Finally, remember that your summer reading work is due on the day you return, so make it a point to begin the year on a positive note by being prepared.  I'm looking forward to meeting each of you and getting to know you as the year progresses.  


    Yours in literacy,

    Elaine White 


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    Contact information:  ewhite@jacksonsd.org     732-833-4610