• graduation 8th Grade Literacy -Team White


    The book lists and assignments for ninth grade English are now available on my resources page.  We will also be going over them in class before school ends.  Students are encouraged to do the following as they read their books so that they are prepared to discuss and be assessed on the books when they have English next year (remember that schedules may have English in the spring semester, so these notes will be imperative in remembering important details for class):

    1.  Keep a running list of characters and their development over the course of the book.

    2.  Summarize each chapter to remind yourself of important events and developments as well as to assist you in comprehending the book.

    3.  Note the setting (time and place) and conflicts as well as their resolutions.

    4.  At the conclusion of the book, consider the theme(s) of the book and how the theme(s) is developed.

    Good luck with your summer reading, and best of luck in high school!  You will be missed in my literacy classes.




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