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    7th Grade Google Classroom

    Welcome to Mrs. Zengel's 

    6th and 7th Grade Math Class!

    We will cover the following topics in 6th grade math:

    • Use Positive Rational Numbers

    • Integers and Rational Numbers

    • Numeric and Algebraic Expressions

    • Represent and Solve Equations and Inequalities

    • Understand and Use Ratio and Rate

    • Understand and Use Percent

    • Solve Area, Surface Area, and Volume Problems

    • Display, Describe, and Summerize Date

    We will cover the following topics in 7th grade math:

    • Integers

    • Rational Numbers

    • Expressions and Equations

    • Inequalities

    • Ratios and Proportions

    • Percents

    • Constructions and Scale Drawings

    • Circles and Area

    • Surface Area and Volume

    • Probability and Statistics

Mrs. Jennifer Zengel



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jennifer Zengel


Please feel free to email me at any time at jzengel@jacksonsd.org







    Suggested Supplies:


    • 1.5 inch binder (or larger)
    • dividers
    • calculator for home use (TI-30XIIS)


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    6th Grade Code: 3yydxwc

    7th Grade Code: 33nhz4v

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