Accessing Follett Shelf eBooks via Destiny



    1.  Click the following link to access the online catalog: Destiny Switlik School


    1.  Click the “Destiny Discover” tab on the left.

    Destiny Discover

    1.  Click the “Log In” tab in the upper right corner.   Log In

                 User name:  switlik

                 Password:    switlik



    1.  Click on “eBooks”.  You should now be able to access all ebooks available in the Switlik library collection via Destiny Discover.


    1.  Click “OPEN” to read your book!!


    Note iPad Users: Once you’ve logged in via the website, you can download the Destiny Discover app from the App Store for faster access. Log in using your Destiny username and password (above). Once you have the app, you can browse, checkout and download books to read on your iPad.


    Navigating Destiny Discover:  Students can browse and search selections using the “Narrow by” menu on the left side of the screen.