• We hope everyone is doing well. We do not have any updates on our season yet, but we are staying optimistic. We are sending some workouts to help stay in shape for when we return. These workouts are voluntary but please try to make a little time to exercise. Please adhere to all curfews and listen to your parents.

    Workout 1


    Jog 3-5 minutes

    Speed Improvement

    Drills High Knees 2 x 20 yds

    Butt Kicks 2 x 20 yds

    Lateral Shuffle 2 x 20 yds

    Carioca 2 x 20 yds

    Backpedal 2 x 20 yds

    Dynamic Flexibility

    Walking Lunges 1 x 20 yds

    Walking Knee Hugs 1 x 20 yds

    Walking Quad Pulls 1 x 20 yds

    Walking High Kick Toe Touches 1 x 20 yds

    Cool Down

    Jog 5-10 Minutes