Jackson Township School District 

    Recommended Summer Reading 2020

       For  6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students


    All Jackson Township middle school students are encouraged to continue their practice of independent reading by reading throughout the summer. No assignments will be required; however, summer vacation presents an opportunity for students to utilize best practices by reading for pleasure.    By continuing voluntary independent reading, students continue to strengthen their comprehension skills, expand their vocabulary, and develop new ways of thinking about themselves and the world around them. 

    Middle school teachers and media specialists have carefully chosen a variety of popular and highly regarded books that are appropriate for diverse reading levels. We are recommending these titles as a suggested list.  Students may choose a title (with any lexile that best fits their interests) from anywhere but this list is provided as a helpful resource.  Please keep in mind that popular young adult literature often contain mature themes and controversial issues, therefore we encourage parents to review the titles and content to assist your child in making a suitable selection. 

    6th Grade Suggested Summer Reading List 2020

    7th Grade Suggested Summer Reading List 2020

    8th Grade Suggested Summer Reading List 2020

    When students read over the summer, they can…

    • Retain information learned from the previous school year. 
    • Grow in knowledge and critical thinking skills for the upcoming year. 
    • Exercise their brain.
    • Increase their knowledge in a variety of subject areas. 
    • Continue to find reading to be a fun activity. 


    Resources for accessing titles:

    Enrichment Activities for ELA:





    NaNoWriMo's Young Writers Program

    Thanks and have an awesome summer!


    The suggested book list and additional resources for the recommended summer reading may be found on our district website at www.jacksonsd.org.