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    Please have your child attend the Google Meet on Friday, May 29 at 11:00 am. Starting June 1, classes are moving to project-based remote learning.  This meeting will go over everything students need to know to begin this phase with minimal disruption.

    This is the best opportunity for the kids to see how to access the Google Slides and get first-hand instructions on how to approach the project.

    It is also a chance to ask questions and hear the questions of others they may not think to ask. 

    Small group Google Meet on Friday, May 22 at 11:45 am to review the order of operations.


    Weekly Google Meet for all of Ms. Padron's math students is Wednesday, May 27 at 11:00 am.


    The link will be posted in Google Classroom.


    IF THE MESSAGE "The meeting code you entered doesn't work" appears, a teacher is not present.  The student should try again within the scheduled time.

    (For further details on how to use Google Meet during remote learning, please refer to the post further down on this class page.)


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    See the source imageUpdated May 11

    Students should visit the Google Classroom for daily lesson plans, announcements, and resources. Also, students should visit special area teachers' class pages weekly to complete the required assignments. 


    Students begin each day with the Google Classroom, carefully read the morning post, and follow the steps on the daily slides.


    My ability to communicate with your child is vital to the success of remote learning, so please remind them to check their school email and respond accordingly. Also, I ask that you encourage them to read all Google Classroom posts and announcements to answer their questions.  I am noticing that often, students are emailing with problems that have solutions in the Google Classroom.


    Please reach out to me by email with any questions or concerns with the daily lessons so I can help your child stay on track and get the support they need.  I am most readily available between the hours of 8 am and 1 pm.



    Parents and families, thank you for your invaluable support!


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    Switlik Book/Item Collection

    Game Day

    Letter to Parents from Goetz Principal

    The Goetz spirit wear online store

    (Orders due by June 2. Use code G2020.)

    Jackson District's COVID-19 Site



    Links to Specials Teachers Lesson Plans

    Music: Mr. Morgan

    World Language: Senor Luell

    Art: Ms. Martinez Video Intro

    Art: Ms. Martinez

    Computers: Mr. A

    Gym: Mr. Hamdi




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    Students will complete most math assignments using the following online tools:


     1. Google Classroom

    2. XtraMath

    3. Freckle

    4. School Gmail Account

    5. Pearson Realize 

    6. Ms. Padron's interactive daily Google Slide using Pear Deck


    Students have an account for all of the above and should be able to manage their remote learning using these resources.  Aside from the daily Google Slide, these are online tools they have been using since September. 


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    Updated May 6

    I will use Google Meet to stay connected during Remote Learning.  Please remember the Acceptable Use for Technology expectations remain in place, as well as the district’s Code of Conduct expectations.  


    Google Meet is now built into Google Classroom. The date and time of each Google Meeting will be announced in advance. At the scheduled time of the meeting,  students will click on the link in Google Classroom to join.

    IF THE MESSAGE "The meeting code you entered doesn't work" appears, a teacher is not present.  The student should try again within the scheduled time. 

    Students are reminded to keep their microphones muted during discussion times unless called on to participate. 

    Please download the app in advance if your child is going to use a smartphone.

    I look forward to connecting with your child through Google Meet!  


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  • For Families of Ms. Padron's Math, Science, and Social Studies Classes:


    Please sign up for Ms. Padron's remote learning Remind account.  



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  • World autism

    My niece has Autism and she is amazing!

    Who's your reason for celebrating?

    Accept. Understand. Love.



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  • girl blowing nose

    We run through boxes and boxes of tissues a week, and lots of cleaning wipes to stay well. If you can donate a box of tissues...a canister of wipes...a roll of paper towels, we can minimize the spread of germs during the cold and flu season.  

    All donations are much appreciated!


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  • Homhomework ework Expectations 

    Copy assignments from the Homework Board.  Ample time is available to get this done.

    Ask questions to clarify directions at the time the work is assigned and bring home all the necessary materials needed to do the work. 

    Remember, if you accidentally leave your book in school, just use the Pearson Realize site to get the homework page.   

    Complete and turn in each assignment neatly, accurately, and timely. 

    All work (on separate paper) must accompany math assignments. Students are learning how skipping steps may cause them to make  "avoidable" mistakes. 



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  • Our children are so much more than a test score.

     Qualities not measured




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  • The Math Mom

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    Please keep track of your assignments. 


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