• *Updated June 9, 2019
    *Remember to have your child use a pencil for any of the writing parts of homework. 
    And be sure to check their name....the 1st letter ONLY should be capitilized followed by lowercase letters. 
    2/18: Please see the note close to the bottom of the page about new "Safe" snack suggestions to help keep our allergy friends safe and healthy!
    The kids had a GREAT time at Game Day on Monday!  We had the BEST weather that day and it is a day that they will truly remember!  We also want to say THANK YOU again to the PTN parents (and to all of you for supporting the PTN Fundraisers so that they can do all of these GREAT things for the kids!)  The PTN bought the Game Day t-shirts,  the pizza, water bottles and ice pops that day!  if you haven't seen it..there is a GREAT GROUP PICTURE on the school webpage!  Just scroll throught the pictures to see it (as well as a group shot from our K Show Day!)
    Important Notes for this Week:
    This is our LAST FULL WEEK!!! 
    We will be wrapping up many of our Units of Study and Activities. 
    I will be collecting the leveled readers one day this week, so be sure to look around the house for any school books.
    We will also be finishing up our last Math Topic....but don't worry...no more MATH homework! 
    Next week, I will send home a Step Up to First Grade Math Packet that you can use to introduce your child to some of the 1st grade math skills.  
    As we wrap up our Reading & Writing Units of Study, we will finish off the year with one LAST homework activity!  It is an Animal Book Report.  Your child can pick ANY animal to write about, BUT we do request that you help your child with this, as they are going to need to write 3 FACTS about the animal, not opinions.  We have been working hard on determining if a statement is a fact or opinion when reading our non-fiction science books about animals.  You can use a book to help with the facts or work together and look up some info on the computer.....they seem to LOVE learning new facts...and I even have been learning some new facts about some of the animals we have read about.  
    More information will go home on Monday about this along with the book report form.  They are due Friday (but I can also accept them next Monday if your week is going to be as crazy as mine!!)  
    Next Week (our last shortened days week), we will share the reports and the kids have a chance to earn EXTRA CREDIT by dressing up as their animal.  This can be as simple as wearing a t-shirt with that animal OR making a headband with that animal on it.  *Some kids have even brought in a stuffed animal...we are just trying to make it fun for them!  
    Upcoming Dates:
    Our End of the Year Party Luau
    Thursday, June 13th
    Click below for our Sign Up Genius Link for Visitors and Supplies.
    Please sign up by Tueaday, June 11th!!  Visitor passes wil be going home on Wednesday!
    *Our goody bag for this last party will be a beach pail. 
    Beach Pails- Calise Family 
    Of course we will also need Summer Fun Bucket Fillers...so as you are out shopping and the summer stuff starts coming out, you may want to pick something up now...BUT hold onto it for now.  I cannot store any it in the room at this time.  
    Some fun items are: sunglasses, sidewalk chalk, balls for the water, mini water guns, tattoos, glow sticks/necklaces, etc. 
    Please have all Bucket Fillers in by Wednesday!!
    We have already:
    Beach Pails-Calise Family
    Summer themed Craft: McCauley Family
    luau themed tattoos
    beach balls
     Shortened Days
    Monday, June 17-Thursday, June 20th
    We will dismiss at 1:35 each day. 
    *Lunch will still be served
    We will have a few fun activities scheduled for these last few days....so be on the lookout for the information going home on Monday!!
    Monday 6/17-Reading Playdate Day
    Tuesday 6/18-Animal Book Report Day
    Wednesday 6/19-Pajama and Bring a Stuffed Animal Day 
    Thursday 6/20-LAST DAY!!
    And I did sit with each one of your children to determine their current reading level.  You may have noticed books going home in their orange reading bag with letters on them...A through E.  We used the Fountas & Pinnel leveling system to determine this level.  The program starts with readers "below A" (for those children still having trouble with our sight words and making the sound/letter/picture connection).  And then going on with the letters, A, B, C, D, E and so on.   Over the next few weeks, I will send home information about the different reading levels and how to help your child at their current level and what you can do to help them grow as a reader. 
    ***If you notice "T"...that is just so the books make it back to me "T"emple.  :)
    2/18:  You may notice a mix of leveled books in the bag this past week.  One is their current Instructional Level, and the higher leveled books are what we are aiming to get too shortly.  Remember, that as parents you can alsways add in more books at home that are higher if you are reading it to your child.  They STILL NEED to hear readers read with expression and fluently.  
    Please keep in mind, that not of all of your children were born on the same day, nor did they all learn to walk on the same day, so they will not all learn to read on the same day.  Some will do it sooner than others and some will need more time....THAT IS OK!!!  No matter what their current level is, we just want your children to learn to love reading, so please help us at home and make those minutes you spend at home reading the books an important time.  And remember, that it is not the quantity of books you read...it is the quality of time spent on reading!     
    *Remember to have your child use a pencil for any of the writing parts of homework. 
    And be sure to check their name....the 1st letter ONLY should be capitilized followed by lowercase letters. 
    Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns...but please be aware that it may take me a few days to respond. During the school year, a hand delivered note will be needed if your concern needs immediate attention (for ex. a change in bus/pick up dismissal for that day).  
    My email is cmtemple@jacksonsd.org
    As we start the 2nd Unit in Fundations, we will work on writing the capital letters and tapping out the sounds for our short, CVC words.  
    1/27: *We are finishing up Unit 2 this week and will be working more on sounding out those short CVC words in class. 
    Can your child sound out a short CVC word?  mad=/m/-/a/-/d/ 
    Can your child hear a word that was sounded out and put it together to say the word?  /t/-/o/-/p/ = top
    Can your child write the letter sounds they hear in a CVC word?  
    If they are having trouble with any of these areas, they still need to review their letter and letter sounds. They all have a letter page in their reading bag folders to help them with that.
    Our 1st Unit focused on introducing the alphabet using the Fundations Phonics Program.  For the first 11 weeks, we focused on 2 letters a week.  We introduced (review) each letter, sound and discriminated between the uppercase and lowercase letter.   
    Letters introduced:  Tt, Bb, Ff, Mm, Nn, Ii, Uu, Cc, Oo, Aa, Gg, Dd, Ss, Ee, Rr, Pp, Jj, Ll. Hh, Kk, Vv, Ww, Yy, Xx, Zz & qu
    How Can You Help At Home:
    During review at home, see if your child can think of 3-5 words that begin with that letter.  
    Have him/her look for things around your house that begin with the letters you are practicing.
    Identify the beginning letter of family members or family friends names.
    Have your child help with shopping and helping to write the shopping list.
    Use the Parent Information page that we send home each week.  Included with the Parent Information page, will be the letter pages.  Please use these pages to review with your child at home.  They can trace the letter with their finger, starting at the top and going down. As they finish tracing the letter, they can practice saying the letter name, the keyword picture and then the sound.  For example, Tt, top, /t/.   They can then color the picture.
    sight words
    Each week, we will introduce 2-3 sight words. Sight words are words that your child will see in their leveled reading books. Each week, we will send home flash cards of the words for that week.   Please keep these in a safe place and review them daily. 
    This week, our new words are: run, ran, jump 
    & Next Week  mom, man, sat...our LAST WORDS!! 
    We are starting our next 50+ words with the children.  They will now come 3 a week.  We will also incorporate a new sentence writing activity for homework each week with the new words.  
    4/2:  Word Wallet Words:  For the next 7 weeks, your child will be bringing home a new set of Word Wallet Words (just extra words that they may see in their higher level books).  Please be sure to review them and to initial the wallet.  New words will be sent home on Wednesdays!  
    Week 1:  one, two, what, name
    Week 2: three, four, who, down
    Week 3:  five, six, where, big
    Week 4: seven, eight, when, then
    Week 5: nine, ten, why, can't
    Week 6: live, lots, there, school
    Week 7:  park, friend, family, house
    At home you should have:  (1st 25 Words) I, a, my, can, like, am, the, go, to, is, see, me, we, he, it, you, and, at, an, on, in, so, no, do, up,
    Next Set of Words:  look, she, yes, not, come, this, play, here, if, will sit, did, his, him, with, that, love, have, boy, girl, little, said, how, they, read, your, for, was, eat, are, got of, went, us, out, put, her, be say, as, then, want, some, our, now, all, ball, by, get, or, saw, has, day, too, 
    *please add our new words to the 1st bag I sent home.  Keep this bag at home...it does NOT NEED to come back to school.  
    1/27: If your child is having trouble memorizing these sight words, please refer to the Sight Word Review pages I gave you at our Parent/Teacher Conference in November.  
    Readers Workshop
    In class during our readers workshop time, we are learning how to be a Reader. 
    We are learning that there are 3 ways to read a book...
    1. Look at the pictures
    2. Look at the words
    3.  Retell the story
    We are working hard on our Super Readers Unit in Readers Workshop.  Every few days, we have introduced a new reading power to our children to help them become Super Readers. 
    1/27: As we finish up our Unit on Super Readers, please use the Super Readers page that your child has in their green reading bag folder to see what all of our reading powers are!
    Super Readers
    We have Pointer Power!
    We have Reread Power!
    We have Snap Word Power!
    We have Partner Power!
    We have Picture Power!
    We have Sound Power!
    We have Persistence Power!
    We have Book Talk Power!
    We have Pattern Power!
    4/29:  We will be starting our 4th Readers Workshop unit on Becoming Avid Readers!  So help your child find a love of reading and make reading fun!  Visit the Jackson library, read in fun places (outside, at the park, with a flashlight in a homemade fort...find a new place everyday!)  And as your Kindergartener is reading more and more on their own...DON'T FORGET TO STILL READ TO THEM!!  He/she STILL neds to hear what good resders sound like.  Start a chapter book...stop and discuss parts and new words that come up.  Before you read the next day, have your child recap what has happened so far in the story!  Work on and build those Story Elements pieces!
    story elements
    Reading at Home
    It is highly encouraged that you read at home with your child.  We will start the week of 9/17 with our new Switlik School Reading Program.  Please keep this form in their homework folder.  I will be checking it on Fridays.  I am just looking for the parent signature and the title of their favorite book that they read that day.  
    *If you do do extra reading over the weekend, feel free to add those dates and your initials under the current week section on the log.  I do love to reward my friends who do extra practice!!  :) 
    Check out this chart to see how reading for an extra 20 minutes a day with your child will benefit him/her in school!   
    Reading at home
    Please make daily reading an important part of your day!
    "Readers are made on the laps of their parents!"
    Again, reading is not meant to be a chore at home....we hope that you make reading part of your daily routine!
    Writers Workshop
    Writer's Workshop is a designated time each day where students become “authors”.
    After each mini-lesson students will have independent writing time where they will choose their own topic for their writing and have an opportunity to practice skills and strategies taught in the mini lesson. By giving the students choices in their topics, the writing becomes authentic, engaging, and meaningful. During this independent writing time the teacher will be meet with individuals or small groups to conference and encourage their growth as authors.
    Students will learn to write, revise, edit, and publish stories throughout the school year. They will also begin to assess their own writing and learn to implement the characteristics of quality writing into their own work.
    In the spring, we will showcase students’ writing during our “Switlik Author Night”. Students will have opportunities to share some of their published stories with their parents and celebrate their accomplishments.
    So encourage writing at home....drawing a picture and then labeling it.  And if they can....write a simple sentence to go with it!
    Or writing can be as simple as writing a list or making a card for someone!  
    And for those that need to copy words that they see at home....that is GREAT Practice too!!!
    4/28: We will be starting our Writers Workshop Unit on Persussive/Opinion Style Writing!  We will think of things that we like or feel strongly about and learn how to write about it giving reasons for each.  
    2/2: We will be starting our Unit on How-To Writing soon!  So start thinking about things that you can do and the steps it takes to do these things!  
    1/27-We are finishing up our Narrative Unit in Writers Workshop.  On Monday 1/28, we will send home a 3 page book for your child to practice 1 more time to write a 3 page story about something they did or a place they have gone to.  The directions will be attached to the book.  The books will be due on Wednesday 1/30.  
    1/2/19-As we start January, we will focus on Narrative Writing.  The writiers will use a combination of oral story telling, drawings, dictation and their own writing to tell a story of a single event.  For some, this gets a little tricky, but with our daily writing work, we help each child be the best writer that they can be.  We will learn to write across pages and to make sure that our pages all go together and tell one story. 
    11/8-Currently our focus is on our Show & Tell items.  Can your child draw a picture of one of their favorite items from home?  They do not need to add it to a scene or add any background.  But can they add in all the detail in the picture and then go back and label all the parts....does it have eyes, ears, legs, feet, fur, a nose, wings, doors, pockets, a dress or pants....there are endless possibliities in labeling.  Help your child sound out the words, BUT DO NOT tell them the exact letters.  They need to learn to write down what they hear.  The english language has so many "rules" that they are NOT expected to know right now.  We just want them to write down what they hear....and at times, it may be wrong, but I don't want them to be afraid to try!  You can then go back and sound it out again letter by letter and see if they can figure out where they made the mistake and then let them fix it.  
    I love seeing extra practice....use the back of some of our homework pages to try this 1-2 a week.  You will see how quickly they will get better with practice (and one-on-one help!)
    Math Envision 2.0
    This year we are using a program called Envision 2.0 
    You can access the website at home using the following link 
    • Once on the website, follow the following directions....
      • 1.  At the Pearson sign-in page, click the box that says Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Auto
      • 2.  At the box where it says to choose your district, type/select:
    • 3.  Student Log In Information:

      Login:  Student ID#

      Password: First Name + Grade level (for ex:  ChristineKF)

      *All Kindergarten students must put KF as the grade after their name, no spaces.

       Envision On-line Game Center



        We are working on Topic 12-Identifying and Describing Shapes 

      At the beginning of each topic, we will send home a parent information home page.  This will also include copies of our math vocabulary words.  You can keep these at home to use for review.  After each lesson, we will send home the corresponding homework age to complete at home.  These pages are meant to be done with help.

    • 4/28:  Continue to work on those Addition Fast Facts!  We will continue to do weekly practice quizzes in class to help the kids build their addition number sense!   

    • 1/27:  This week we will give our first addition fast facts pre-test.  Our goal over the next few months will be for the Kindergarten Students to master their Addition Fast Facts 0-5.  
    • We will then do a weekly quick assessment that we will check and send home for you to see how they are progressing.  

    4/2:  We sent home the note and their 1st Fast Facts Quiz last week. Each week, we will give the students another quiz. Our hope is that they get a little better each time!  *I know some of our friends are ALREADY finishing ALL 30 questions in 1 minute!!  That is GREAT!!!!!!



      Social Studies & Science


    • Our next Science Unit is Relationships and Ecosystems.
    • During this unit, we will learn about plants and the cycles of some insects and some animal habitats. 


    • color words
    • Each week we will focus on a new color and color word.  During the week, we will do a few fun activities with that color.  One of our activities will be to make a color poster.  We will ask the students to bring in magazine (also printed or hand drawn) pictures of things with that color.  Any picture will do, but keep in mind, they will not be returned.  we will also designate a day to dress in that color.
    • We will send home color word cards for you to review with your child.  Please review these at home.  Many of the children feel very successful when they can read the color words so quickly in the year. 

    11/25-Our color weeks have ended.  Thank you so much for helping yor child by sending in pictures for our color posters and having them dress in the colors each week!  Please continue to have your child practice reading a recognizing the color words that we sent home. Thank you!


    • Bucket Filling
    • Bucket Filler  
    •  Switlik School is proud to be a Bucket Filling School!  Each month, 1 student will be chosen for the Class Bucket Filler!
    • September's Bucket Filler:  Sofia Elmes 
    • October's Bucket Filler: Collin Kirk
    • November's Bucket Filler: Jonathan Chacon-Santos
    • December's Bucket Filler:  Thomas Strano
    • January's Bucket Fillers: Audrey Calise 
    • March's Bucket Filler: Annabella Aitken
    • April's Bucket Filler:  Emma Forzani
    • May's Bucket Filler: 
    • Supplies
    • Supplies

      As for supplies, your child will need a back pack that can hold a 9 x 12 folder.
    • Please label it and have your child practice opening and closing it on their own. THANK YOU!  
    • I would also like to ask for an old shirt to use as an Art Smock. Please label this and send it in ASAP.  They will be stored in the classroom for our "messy" art projects.  
    • As always, tissues and wipes are a "teacher's best friend", so I would gladly accept any donations of tissues or baby wipes. THANK YOU!  
    • During the course of the year, I may ask for specific items that we will share with the class.  Please look below for any needed items on my class page.  

      I would recommend having crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue or/glue sticks at home for homework projects. Please do not send any of those items to school. I have all the supplies that your child will need!
    • Wish List Items:
    • Target Dollar Spot Items-this area is a teachers dream and has LOTS of fun things for the kids for the classroom (mini erasers, stickers, dramatic play items)....anything that is kid friendly!
    • Creation Station Items
    • -anything the kids can use during indoor recess this winter in the Arts and Crafts area
    • -any kind of arts and crafts scraps...NOTHING THAT IS BOUGHT!
    • Some fun items:
    • tissue paper
    • toilet paper rolls
    • paper towel rolls
    • popsicle sticks/tongue depressors
    • sequins
    • stickers
    • pipe cleaners
    • If you have something at home you think the kids would like to use and you are not sure, just email me to ask!  :)
    • lunch
    • Lunch
    • We will eat lunch during the 1st lunch period, 10:55-11:25.  
    • You will need to send in a lunch (ready to eat, we cannot heat up anything), easy to open snacks and a drink.  
    • Your child does have the option to purchase lunch everyday.  Please visit the school website for the lunch menu.  Your child will be given a lunch code # to memorize to use to purchase their lunch.  Please practice this at home to help with the purchasing process in school.  
    • The lunch period is only 30 minutes and many of the K students have a tough time finishing up their lunch and snacks.  I suggest that you do not allow your child to buy any additional snacks during the 1st month of school, until they get used to the quick paced lunch time block.  Also, limit their snack choices in their lunches to 1 or 2 only.  Many children tend to open their snacks first and not eat their sandwich/lunch item.  
    • PLEASE alert us to any allergies that your child has with a note.
    • The Jackson Food Service Dept has provided each K & 1st grade student with a swipe card to use when purchasing lunch.  These cards will be kept at school.  We do recommend that you still work with your child to memorize their student ID number.
    • snack time  
    • We will also have snack time in the afternoon.  We will ask for the parents to send in bulk size snack choices.  
    • Good snack choices include:  Goldfish, pretzels, dry cereals, animal crackers, or mini marshmallows.  
    • At times, we will ask for a specific item to be sent in that we can use to go along with a current theme or activity.  
    • *Some of these items may change once I am alerted to allergies!!
    • Due to food allergies, I kindly ask that no peanut snack items be sent in.  We want to keep our friends healthy & safe and we truly appreciate your understanding!
    • Update 2/18: We also have a child who is dairy & gluten sensitive and we will be trying to add in a a few safe snacks for her.  So, when sending in snacks, PLEASE try to look for things that are Dairy and Gluten Free.  We understand that this may be difficult and I will have safe snacks for her....but we would love for our friend to be able to eat what everyone else is eating.  we will work on a Dairy & Guten Free safe snack list and post it shortly!
    • *Please check the label to be sure that your package is gluten/wheat free, dairy free and nut free

    Gluten & Dairy Free Snack Options:

    Skinny Pop Popcorn

    Boom Chicka Popcorn

    Plain Cheerios

    Fruit Snacks

    Lays Potato Chips

    Rice Cakes (not caramel)

    Rice, Corn or Chocolate Chex

    Enjoy Life Brand Cookies

    Crunch Master Crackers

    Enjoy Life Trail Mix


    Thank you!!  And I will continue to add items to the list once they are verified and approved safe to eat for our friend!

    Please refer to the following web page for more information on food allergies and safe snacks.  

    Safe Snack Guide

    • At the current time, we have 24 students in our class.  
    • Your child may bring in a water bottle each day.  I recommend that it is labeled!!  The students will keep these in a community basket and will have access to them all day.  I will make sure they go home each day (to help keep away the germs).  
    • ***These can only have water in them.***
    •  Please save the juice for their lunch time only.  THANK YOU!
    • Recess
    • Recess
    • We will have recess everyday (weather permitting) outside on the playground. As per school rules, all children must wear sneakers to climb on the equipment.  Thank you for helping us to keep the children safe outside!
    • Specials
    • Specials
    • Each day, we will go to a different special. 
    •  Our schedule is as follows:
    • Monday-Computers with Mr. Struthers
    • Tuesday-Art with Ms. Martinez 
    • Wednesday-Library with Ms. Palme *please return the libary books weekly
    • Thursday-Gym with Mrs. Pfluger  *sneakers MUST be worn
    • Friday-Music with Mrs. Noble

    *In Library, the students started to take home books.  Please be sure that they return them on Wednesday, so that they can get a new book. 

    • librarian  
      A Note from the Librarian-Ms. Palme
      You can access the digital ebooks on the school library Destiny page.
      Here is the link with the directions (or see her class page for more info). 
    • Report Cards:    Please be sure you are ready to access your child’s report card on the district portal website.  Report cards will be available on the portal to parents on ____.  Also, please remember that if your Portal log-in does not work, please try the “Forgot My Password” link above BEFORE contacting support, as most issues will be resolved through that feature.  Please note that the “Forgot Password” link will work only with parents who have an e-mail as their login ID.  For questions or problems with your login ID’s or password (or if you do not have them), please send an email to portalsupport@jacksonsd.org and include your name and phone number, as well as your child’s name, school, grade, student ID number and the problem you are experiencing and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

    • Remind App
    • I would like to help you all keep up with ALL the activities that we do in class.  Join my Remind group on your phone and/or email.  I will post reminders about upcoming activities and events!  It is easy to do and FREE to join!  Follow the ink below and sign up today!
    • Ms. Temple's Class 2018-19
    •  <script src="https://widgets.remind.com/iframe.js?token=e56a5e8086b30136427b0242ac110002&height=500&join=true"></script>

    • *Please continue to read the calendar section.  That section will keep you updated with our activities and events.
    • working together  
    • PTN News
    • Please consider joining our amazing PTN!  Send in your family membership envelopes!  Every dollar raised by the PTN, goes right back to your students!
    • We can already thank them for our new Switlik folders, the classroom care packages (tissues, wipes, cleaning wipes, & sidewalk chalk), our gift card for our memory book photos and our new document cameras!
    • *The PTN class page is up and running!  You can also follow them on facebook!

    You can also follow them on Remind.  Text @SwitlikPTN to 81010 to receive PTN Reminders

    • They also collect Box Tops.  Please send them in.  Each month the class that collects the most, gets a munchkin party!
    • Consider attending the monthly meetings and joining a committee!  It is a GREAT way to get involved in our school!
    • Their next meeting is:
    • May 16th at 10am
    • Upcoming Activities:
    • School Store: Wed, May 8th during lunch priods
    • Plant Sale  Fri, May 10th @ 2pm (we will go after the Mother's Day Tea)
    • Family Fun Night: Fri, May 10th  6:15-8:15pm
    • PTN Clothing Drive:  Saturday, May 11th  10:00am to 2:00pm
    • Surf Taco Fundraiser: Thurs, May 16th
    • Blue Claws Baseball Game: Mon, June 3rd





    • Let's work together to make this a great year for your child!
  • On *Wednesday, February 20th, we will have tables set up in the cafeteria during all of the lunch periods. Students will have the option to purchase school supplies after they have eaten. Going forward, we will plan to have the "store" available to students on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  *it was rescheduled to this week because of the delays last week.

    *if you woud like your child to shop, please have their money in a ziploc/envelope with their name on it.  Please keep in mind that I will not be in there shopping with them, so you may want to limit the amount of money that you send in.  

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