• Math

    We will be using the Math enVision 2.0 series.  This is one of the most current and up to date Math programs available! 

    We will send home information for you to log on at home to fully utilize all of the on-line components of the program.  

    During the year, these are the math topics that we will cover:

    Topic 1-Numbers 0 to 5

    Topic 2-Comparing Numbers 0-5

    Topic 3-Numbers 6-10

    Topic 4-Comparing Numbers 0-10

    Topic 5-Classifying and Counting Data

    Topic 6-Understanding Addition

    Topic 7-Understanding Subtraction

    Topic 8-More Addition and Subtraction

    Topic 9-Counting Numbers to 20

    Topic 10-Composing and Decomposing Numbers 11 to 19

    Topic 11-Counting Numbers to 100

    Topic 12-Identifying and Describing Shapes

    Topic 13-Analyzing, Comparing, and Creating Shapes

    Topic 14-Describing and Comparing Measurable Attributes


    At the beginning of each topic, we will send home a Parent Information Sheet and Math Flash Cards.  These words are not meant for the children to read, BUT to be used to go over the math terminology that they will be exposed to.  These can be kept at home and do not need to be returned to school.  We encourage you to have a safe place to store the Math flash cards at home that you can use to review with your child. 

    During each topic, a math worksheet will be sent home for homework to use a review of the days lesson.  These will be a front & back paper, AND in COLOR!  

    At the end of each topic, we will do a practice test together in class as a review and then do a Math Assessment the next day.  These will go home in a timely fashion for you to see.  

    *From the end of January to May, we will be working on addition and subtraction fast facts up to 5.  The students wil be expected to be able to complete a 10 question fast facts assessment in 2 minutes!  THEY CAN DO IT!  More info will go home as we are working on these facts.