Professional Development





    Professional Development






    2/22/22: How to Use Blooket

    1/31/22: The Power of Words (refresher)

     9/8/20: How to Create BTSN Video




     9/2/20: EdPuzzle Workshop



    9/3/19 Twitter PD: Click here

    9/4/19 The Power of Words Click here 

    10/21/19: What We Say and How We Say It CMMS click here 

    11/12/19 and 11/13/19: Space and Time 

    "Welcome to Space and Time" 
    A roundtable discussion of the Power of Teacher Language facilitated with the introduction of Space and Time: an effective classroom management tool and extension of logical consequences developed to help students self-regulate behavior. FAQ
    1/8/20: Google Bootcamp 
    1/13/20: Joyful Learning


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