Welcome to MP4 and the 6th grade

    Habit, Community, and Culture Course!

    Remote Learning Style!

    Please log on to our Google Classroom every day! You have daily assignments while we are in distance learning mode:

    1. Complete your Emotional Energy Check-in each day. (This is a google form posted daily in our classroom.)

    2. Complete your daily gratitude list. (This will be shared with you on Mondays and due to me by Friday.)

    3. Watch the video or do whatever else is posted for the day! 


    We will also meet on Google Hangout twice a week. I will email you and give you the schedule as I plan for it! 

    Remember: We (your teachers and school staff) are always available by email. Parents, if you want to discuss anything, email me a time when you're available to speak and I will call you! It's not easy being "distant learners and teachers" so we will figure this out together!

    Email me: lekomanitsky@jacksonsd.org 

    Our Google Classroom Join Code: bqhzms3


    Here are some resources for helping your child process this moment.

    CDC Coping Strategies for Children

    Coping Fact Sheet



    In this course, we will develop various social, behavioral, and emotional skills on how to regulate and recognize one's own emotions, to take perspectives and empathize with others of diverse backgrounds, to establish and maintain healthy relationships, and to make constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions based on ethical standards, safety concerns, and social norms. 

     Students will gain a clear understanding of what Social Emotional Intelligence is and how we use it each and every day to make decisions, interact with family and friends, manage our emotions, problem solve, and deal with challenges and stress. The students will finish the course with new "tools" to use to tackle life's everyday moments, such as...

    *effective communication skills

    *conflict-resolution skills

    *increased self-confidence

    *higher self-awareness

    *increased self-reflection skills

    *empathy and compassion

    *increased connection with others- both in and out of school


    "Studies show that as much as 80% of the average person's succes in both their personal life and career, can be attributed to their level of emotional intelligence. This means that as little as 20% of a person's succcess is a result of their IQ." -Daniel Goleman


    Check out these articles that further explain the enormous value of SEL!

    Social and Emotional Development

    A Parent's Resource Guide to Social Emotional Learning


    Copy of Parent Letter 

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