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    The week of September 19th, we will continue working in our first unit in Algebra...focusing on simplifying and evaluating variable expressions.

    Unit 1:  Algebra Basics


    Remember:  You have the option of taking notes in your binder or printing out my PDFs and filling the information in.

    NOTE:  All Notes/CW/HW pages can be printed from Google Classroom!! 

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  • hide Grade Weighting for 7th Grade Algebra and 8th Grade Geometry

    Students taking 7th Grade Algebra or 8th Grade Geometry are taking High School level math courses while in Middle School.  These are academically challenging courses and utilize instruction that is two levels above their grade.  The Jackson School District acknowledges the rigorous nature of these classes and commends our students for the work ethic needed to be successful.  To  properly recognize students in these courses for High Honor Roll, Honor Roll and end of the year Academic Awards, the grades each marking period will receive a grade weighting of 5%.  This weighting will be utilized when calculating eligibility for these awards, but will not be reflected on the report card.  The report card grade will be the actual grade earned in the class.  

Course Description

  • Geometry Seventh grade Algebra is a full-year course designed for the competent academic mathematics student who has successfully completed PreAlgebra or Advanced 6th Grade Math. The purpose of this course is to provide each student with a challenging program in Algebra 1 as a foundation for future math courses. The scope and sequence of this course ranges from basic to more complex Algebra 1 skills.