• 8th Grade Health and Physical Education 



    Goals for the Physical Education School Year: 

    1.  Apply basic fitness components and integrate health education.
    2.  Demonstrate concern for the safety of self and others.
    3.  Demonstrate use of and respect for property and equipment.
    4.  Apply rules and strategies  for a variety of games and activities while demonstrating good sportsmanship and teamwork. 
    5.  Make proper choices to promote healthy lifestyles.  
    6.  Demonstrate skills specific to each unit.


    Guidelines for Your Successful Participation:

    1.  Follow Directions
    2.  Listen Carefully
    3.  Show Others Respect 
    4.  Always Try Your Best


    Gym Rules:

    1. No Food/Drink/Gum Allowed in the Gym.
    2.  Sneakers must be worn in order to partake in physical activity.



    The guidelines listed below are intended to help students, families and teachers with scheduling the best times to communicate with one another.

    • Email remains the best way to reach a teacher (kmcquade@jacksonsd.org).