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    Engineering and Design - Elective- Grade 8


    Students will learn through design-based projects while deepening their understanding of fundamental concepts. 

    We also hope to:


    To improve student learning...

    through hands-on, project-based experiences that connect them to everyday STEM applications, and let them experience that design truly is a contact sport.


    To raise the level of technological literacy...

    through practical skills and a deeper comprehension of our dynamic modern world.


    To broaden participation in STEM fields...

    through emphasizing that diverse teams result in the most innovative designs to improve our world.


    To introduce exciting career paths...

    by opening students’ eyes to how our lives are enriched by the work of engineers.


    Supplies Needed:



    1 college ruled marble notebook

    colored pencils






    Grading Policy

    sketchbook- 30%

    participation- 40%

    Assessment- 30%