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    Grade 8 Social Studies



    April 9th begins Spring Break.  For any students that have not handed in assignments during our remote learning period are still able to hand the assignments in.  Assignments will be accepted up until April 21.  Please email me if you have any questions.  I will be checking my email over the break.  Thank you for your support!  Stay Safe & Enjoy the break.


    Please monitor portal.  Portal will be updated daily in an effort to keep parents and students informed on student progress.  Thank you for your support during this remote learning time!


    Week 4 of Remote Learning:

    *****Remote learning plans are posted on Google Classroom for students.*******  


    If you should have any questions, please email me.  Thank you!


    Our 8th grade Social Studies curriculum focuses on United States history from the Revolutionary Era to Civil War (1770s to 1860s). I encourage all students to read at home in an effort to build content knowledge.  Our textbook is downloaded on my classpage.  You will find the link below.  We are currently studying events leading to the Revolutionary War, which would align with Chapter 3 in our textbook.  We will be reading various primary sources in during the semester.  Students are to read and interpret these sources in an effort to understand how historian know about the past.  Much of our reading in class will be conducted through primary source documents.  To further comprehend our nation's history, I encourage continued reading through textbook online.  The links are as follows:


    Textbook links for Unit 1 and Unit 2:





    Access online at:  my.hrw.com  


                   USER ID:  STUDENT ID#@jsd

                   PASSWORD:  STUDENT1


    I wish all my students much success in 2019-2020 school year.   




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