•     Welcome to 8th Grade Literacy!

                Room 102-Mrs. Trocchio & Mrs. Graham

    Please have your independent reading book with you starting Monday, September 14.

    Other supplies should be with you by the following week, Monday, September 21. Do see us if you have any issues getting supplies. 

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    To be successful in 8th Grade Literacy, come prepared to class every day with a pencil or pen, composition notebook, a highlighter, your fully charged chromebook, and a book of choice for independent reading!

    ~Suggested but not required materials include scissors, glue, pencil sharpener, markers, colored pencils, white out, post its, hand sanitizer, etc.

    ~Stay connected! Please check Class page, Google Classroom, and emails on a daily basis. 

    ~Let's have a great year! Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email:

    jtrocchio@jacksonsd.org    :)